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We procure our bikes directly from verified sellers. Our experts refurbish the bikes to ensure your ride is as good as new.

Yes, all our bikes are certified. Each bike undergoes meticulous technical inspection followed by an RTO background check on a best-effort basis.

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. However, this option will be available in the future.

No. We operate on a fixed-price model and do not give discounts over and above the prices mentioned on the website.
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Are you looking to buy a bike without burning a hole in your pocket? Or are you in search of a good quality second hand bike? Then you have arrived at the right place. Finding a good quality second hand bike under 1 lakh in India can be a daunting task, that’s why, we’ve compiled a guide to help you with it.

It may surprise you to know that under 1 lakh, you can get premium sports bikes like Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 and Honda X-Blade as well as commuter bikes like Bajaj Pulsar and TVS Apache RTR. These bikes vary in specifications, body design and performance, so you have a wide range of options to choose from.

At BeepKart, you will find a compilation of used two-wheelers that have been obtained from trustworthy sellers and then refurbished to a good-as-new state by our team of experts. We have enlisted different parameters like price, brand, age of the vehicle, time of ownership, kilometres driven and many more on our website. These parameters will help you to conveniently filter the second hand two-wheeler of your choice. Your dream second hand bike under 1 lakh waits for you at BeepKart!

Should you really buy a second-hand bike in India?

It makes complete sense to decide to buy a second hand bike over a brand new one, especially if you have a limited budget. In such a case, it is beneficial to buy a second hand bike to save on the expenses and premium of the insurance of buying a new bike. And you need not worry about the performance and the quality of any second hand bike under 1 lakh if you are buying it from a trusted source like BeepKart.

What is the best commuter second hand bike under 1 lakh?

Are you tired of travelling in public transport and have finally decided to buy a bike of your own? With so many Indian commuter motorcycle brands, finding a trustworthy, comfortable and efficient bike for your daily commutes is not difficult. In fact, you can find second-hand variants of the top commuter bikes manufactured by Hero, Bajaj and Honda well within your budget.

Below is a list of the best commuter second hand bike under 1 lakh:

Brand & Model ARAI Mileage Engine Displacement Other Features
Bajaj Pulsar 150 50 kmpl 149cc
  • 148 kg Kerb weight
  • Drum rear brake type
  • Telescopic conventional fork front suspension
Bajaj Pulsar 180 47 kmpl 178cc
  • 151 kg Kerb weight
  • Disc rear brake type
  • Telescopic with anti-friction bush front suspension
Bajaj Pulsar 125 57 kmpl 124cc
  • 142 kg Kerb weight
  • BS6 emission type
  • 11.8 bhp max power
Hero Xpulse 200T 49 kmpl 199cc
  • 154 kg Kerb weight
  • BS VI enission type
  • 17.8 bhp max power
Hero Xtreme 200R 55.47 kmpl 199cc
  • 149 kg Kerb weight
  • 12.5 litres fuel tank
  • Telescopic hydraulic front suspension
Honda X-Blade 57 kmpl 162cc
  • 143 kg Kerb weight
  • BS6 engine
  • 13.67 bhp power

What are the best second hand cruiser bikes under 1 lakh in Bangalore?

Whether it’s the comfort of cushioned seats and high handlebars or the attention-grabbing style, cruiser bikes are the perfect choice for daily commutes and occasional adventures. Below we have enlisted the details and features of the best cruiser second hand bikes under 1 lakh:

Brand & Model ARAI Mileage Engine Displacement Other Features
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V 53 kmpl 159cc
  • 145 kg Kerb weight
  • Three ride modes: Urban, Sport, Rain
  • Signature DRL
TVS Apache RTR 180 46 kmpl 177cc
  • Double disc brackes
  • 141 kerb weight
  • Oil cooked engine
Bajaj Pulsar AS150 53 kmpl 149cc
  • 143 kg Kerb weight
  • Air cooled DTS-i mill
  • 16.8 bhp max power

What are the top second hand sports bikes under 1 lakh in Bangalore?

Like many Indian riders, do you also dream of riding your very own sports bike? Imagine experiencing a high-revving engine that is smooth as butter. That’s exactly what this segment of bikes brings to you.

The table below explores features of the top second hand sports bikes under 1 lakh in India:

Brand & Model ARAI Mileage Engine Displacement Other Features
Suzuki Gixxer SF 49 kmpl 155cc
  • 148 kg Kerb weight
  • Telescopic fork up front
  • 13,4 bhp max power
Honda Hornet 2.0 57 kmpl 184cc
  • 142 kg kerb weight
  • Air cooled engine
  • Upside down forks at the front
Hero Xtreme 200R 46 kmpl 199cc
  • 149 kg Kerb weight
  • 18.2 bhp max power
  • Analogue tachometer

How can you buy a second-hand bike for under 1 lakh through BeepKart in Bangalore?

Following are the steps to buy a second hand bike under 1 lakh of your desired brand from BeepKart:

  1. Open the BeepKart site. From the parameters on the left side select your preferred brand of second hand bikes under 1 lakh.
  2. After you have finalised your dream bike, visit BeepKart’s yard for a test drive.
  3. You have to make an online payment after you are satisfied with your driving experience.
  4. Your bike is ready to be taken home after the completion of payment and all the necessary documents. It will take around 60 RTO days to transfer the documents to you.
  5. And in case you change your mind within 3 days of buying the bike, then you can benefit from our 3-day return policy that we ensure on all two-wheelers.
  6. Why choose BeepKart to buy a second hand bike under 1 lakh?

    Here are some reasons we have enlisted that will assure you to put your trust in BeepKart before buying a second hand bike under 1 lakh:

    • We work with a qualified team of experts who work hard to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers by determining and refurbishing second-hand two-wheelers to good-as-new condition.
    • We only obtain second-hand two-wheelers from verified sellers.
    • All the second hand two-wheelers enlisted on our site go through an RTO background check before display.
    • There is a 3-day return policy that we offer to our customers, under which you can return your two-wheeler within 3 days of purchase with 100% refund.
    • We offer 3 free services every year at your home! We also offer a one-year/10,000-kilometre warranty.
    • At BeepKart we provide various buyback options.

    Customer Reviews

    “BeepKart was quite helpful in assisting me with purchasing the vehicle over a video call. I appreciated the professionalism, and the executive was quite kind and polite. BeepKart is one of the city’s top sellers for second-hand high-quality bikes!”

    “Excellent service. Excellent value for money. There was no difficulty, and the payment was complete instantly. It was a great experience overall.”


    1. Which are the best/popular second hand bikes under 1 Lakh in India?

    2. TVS Apache RTR 180, TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS, and Suzuki Gixxer are popular second hand bikes in India under 1 lakh.

    3. Which are the least expensive second hand bikes Under 1 Lakh in India?

    4. Among the cheapest sports bike under 1 Lakh in India, you can get the Bajaj Pulsar 180 at INR 28,000, Bajaj Avenger Cruise at INR 37,000, Bajaj pulsar 150 at INR 31,000, Bajaj Platina 100 at INR 47,000, Hero Xtreme Sports at INR 45,000.

    5. Where can I find the best second hand bikes Under 1 Lakh in India?

    6. At BeepKart, you can find the best sports bikes under1 lakh in India. We have created an online platform for the convenience of our customers.

    7. Which is the most popular second hand bike?

    8. TVS Apache RTR 180 is the most popular second hand bike in Bangalore and all over India as well.