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Frequently Asked Questions

We procure our bikes directly from verified sellers. Our experts refurbish the bikes to ensure your ride is as good as new.

Yes, all our bikes are certified. Each bike undergoes meticulous technical inspection followed by an RTO background check on a best-effort basis.

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka. However, this option will be available in the future.

No, we do not deal in cash. Post-sale, the money is transferred directly to your bank account.
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Hoping to find used KTM bikes in Bangalore? You needn't go any further than BeepKart!

BeepKart is an online platform that lists high-quality second-hand vehicles for sale. All vehicles are acquired from verified buyers, undergo rigorous technical inspection and are refurbished before being finally put up for sale.

You no longer need to make visits to used two-wheeler showrooms. Simply visit the BeepKart website and find the perfect KTM second-hand bike in Bangalore!

When does it make sense to buy second-hand KTM bikes in Bangalore?

Considered to be premium bikes, KTM motorcycles cost upwards of 2 lakhs. Such a price tag may be outside of the budget of many, which is when it makes sense to look at second-hand KTM bikes on BeepKart as this can save you the cost of a brand new KTM bike.

Moreover, a buying a KTM second-hand bike in Bangalore means the chance to save up on the insurance premium of the vehicle, as pre-owned two-wheelers have lower premiums!

What are the different models of KTM bikes available?

Currently, there are 11 models of KTM bikes available for purchase in the market. Given below are the features and approx. on-road pricing of the most popular models.

Model Approximate On-Road Price Features
KTM RC 125 INR 2,28,000
  • 125cc liquid-cooled engine
  • Switchable ABS
  • 9.5 liter fuel capacity
KTM RC 200 INR 2,65,000
  • 200cc liquid-cooled engine
  • 9.5 liter fuel capacity
  • Dual channel ABS
KTM 250 Duke INR 2,90,000
  • 250cc liquid-cooled engine
  • 13.5 liter fuel capacity
  • Switchable ABS
KTM 250 Adventure INR 2,92,000
  • 250cc liquid-cooled engine
  • Dual channel ABS
  • 14.5 liter fuel capacity
KTM 390 Duke INR 3,71,000
  • 373cc liquid-cooled engine
  • 13.5 liter fuel capacity
  • Switchable ABS
KTM 390 Adventure INR 4,21,000
  • 373cc liquid-cooled engine
  • Switchable ABS and Traction Control System

What are the features and pricing of used KTM bikes in Bangalore?

The price of second-hand KTM bikes in Bangalore depends on the age of the bike, the condition it is in, and how many kilometers it has run for. At BeepKart’s website, you can find curated inspection reports of listed used two-wheelers, along with actual photographs of the vehicle.

How can one buy a KTM second-hand bike in Bangalore from BeepKart?

Buying second-hand bikes online from BeepKart is now easier than visiting a showroom for used bikes. Here are five simple steps to purchasing your own KTM second-hand bike in Bangalore.

  1. Go through the BeepKart website to look at the current available models of KTM bikes and decide which one is the right fit for you
  2. Finalize which KTM bike model you want. Time to visit our yard for a test drive
  3. We hope you enjoyed your test drive! It’s now time to make the payment online.
  4. After completion of all the documentation, it usually takes upto 60 RTO working days to transfer the documents to you.
  5. Worried you may have made the wrong call? Put your worries to the wind! We offer a 3-day love it or return it policy. No more buyer’s regret!

Why should you choose BeepKart to buy used KTM bikes in Bangalore?

Many people are put-off by the idea of buying second-hand vehicles due to a lack of transparency in the purchasing process. At BeepKart, we take pride in our integrity and offer a trustworthy and seamless experience. Here’s how.

  • We take various steps to deliver the best - refurbishing used two-wheelers, inspecting them, undertaking the verification and certification process, etc.
  • All second-hand KTM bikes in Bangalore listed on our website are procured from verified sellers.
  • Though we are sure that you will love your new refurbished vehicle, we understand that second guessing is only human. So, we offer a 3 day no-questions-asked return policy.
  • BeepKart also provides a 1 year warranty, 3 free services after purchase, and many other perks!

Customer Reviews

Our customers love us! Here’s what they have to say about us!:

“I was so nervous about getting my first second-hand vehicle! But I was worried for nothing. I have been using the old Duke bike in Bangalore for over 2 years now, without any hitch. Having BeepKart around made all the difference. Keep it going!” - Venkatesh, Bangalore


    1. Where will BeepKart procure second-hand KTM bikes from in Bangalore?

    BeepKart procures all its used vehicles from verified sellers only. All sellers are required to submit a smart card or the original registration certificate to ensure the safety of our customers!

    2. Are all second-hand KTM bikes in Bangalore listed by BeepKart certified?

    Absolutely! All used KTM bikes in Bangalore listed by us are certified and undergo thorough inspection and meticulous documentation before being handed over to the customer, i.e. you.