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Frequently Asked Questions

We procure our bikes directly from verified sellers. Our experts refurbish the bikes to ensure your ride is as good as new.

Yes, all our bikes are certified. Each bike undergoes meticulous technical inspection followed by an RTO background check on a best-effort basis.

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. However, this option will be available in the future.

No. We operate on a fixed-price model and do not give discounts over and above the prices mentioned on the website.
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The Hero Maestro Edge is one of India’s most popular series of scooters. This stylish and sporty scooter is available in the 110cc and 125cc models and packs a good number of features for the price. Both the Maestro Edge 110 and Maestro Edge 125 are popular for their nimble handling, comfortable ride quality, and reliability.

A brand new model of the Maestro Edge 110 will cost you INR 85,000 (on-road price), while a Maestro Edge 125 will cost you INR 93,000 (on-road price). If these prices exceed your budget, we recommend that you consider purchasing a Hero Maestro second-hand model from BeepKart!

BeepKart is an online brand that offers refurbished used two-wheelers at very affordable prices. All our listed vehicles are procured from verified sellers and undergo thorough technical inspection to ensure quality. Explore BeepKart today to find your dream pre-loved two-wheeler!

When does it make sense to purchase a second-hand scooter in India?

One of the major reasons why anyone opts for a second-hand scooter is to save on the cost of buying a brand new model without compromising on quality. Another advantage of purchasing a used scooter is that the age of a used vehicle reduces its value and consequently the insurance premium.

For beginners just learning to ride, second-hand scooters can be a great alternative to investing in a brand new model.

What are the available models and variants of the Hero Maestro Edge in Bangalore?

Currently, the Hero Maestro Edge is available in two models - the Hero Maestro Edge 110, and the Hero Maestro Edge 125. Both these models are available in multiple variants, the features and on-road pricing of which are listed below.

Hero Maestro Edge 125

Model Approximate On-Road Price Features
Maestro Edge 125 - Drum INR 93,000
  • 125cc engine displacement
  • Electric start mechanism
  • XSens Advantage technology
Maestro Edge 125 -Drum 2021 INR 95,000
  • 125cc engine displacement
  • Eco indicator
  • Real-time mileage indicator
Maestro Edge 125 -Disc INR 96,000
  • 125cc engine displacement
  • XSens Advantage technology
  • Front disc brake
Maestro Edge 125 - Stealth Edition INR 97,000
  • 125cc engine displacement
  • XSens Advantage technology
  • Matt grey colour theme
Maestro Edge 125 -Disc 2021 INR 1,03,000
  • 125cc engine displacement
  • Front disc brake
  • Real-time mileage indicator
Maestro Edge 125 -Connected 2021 INR 1,08,000
  • Mobile app connectivity
  • Real-time mileage indicator
  • Electric start mechanism

Hero Maestro Edge 110

Model Approximate On-Road Price Features
Maestro Edge 110 ZX Drum INR 84,000
  • 110cc engine displacement
  • 5 liter fuel capacity
  • Service reminder, combination lock
Maestro Edge 110 VX Drum INR 85,000
  • 110cc engine displacement
  • 5 liter fuel capacity
  • Electric start mechanism
Maestro Edge 110 Alloy Wheel - ZX INR 86,000
  • 110cc engine displacement
  • Electric start mechanism
  • External fuel filling
Maestro Edge 110 100 Million Edition INR 86,000
  • 110cc engine displacement
  • Front disc brake
  • Electric start mechanism
Maestro Edge 110 ZX Disc INR 91,000
  • 110cc engine displacement
  • Front disc brake
  • Side stand engine cut-off

What is the Hero Maestro Edge 125 second-hand price on BeepKart in Bangalore?

The price of a second-hand Hero Maestro Edge 125 depends on the age of the scooter, the condition it is in, and how many kilometers it’s run for. At BeepKart, you can find detailed inspection reports of listed used two-wheelers, along with actual photographs of the vehicle.

How can one purchase a second-hand Hero Maestro Edge 125 on BeepKart?

Purchasing a used two-wheeler on BeepKart is super easy! Follow the steps below to buy a second-hand Hero Maestro Edge 125 scooter that’s as good as new.

  1. Go through the BeepKart website to look at the currently available models of the Hero Maestro Edge 125 scooter, and decide which one is the right fit for you.
  2. Once you’ve finalized a scooter model, visit our yard to take the scooter for a test drive.
  3. Enjoyed your test drive? It’s now time to make the payment online.
  4. After completion of payment and all the documentation, you can take your scooter home immediately. It takes approximately 60 RTO working days to transfer the documents to you
  5. Not happy with the bike you’ve purchased? BeepKart offers a 3-day love it or return it policy, so you can be free to change your mind without regrets!

Why choose BeepKart to purchase a second-hand two-wheeler in Bangalore?

Purchasing a second-hand two-wheeler needs to be a trustworthy and transparent process, which is exactly what we offer at BeepKart. Here’s how we strive to give a great experience to our customers.

  • At BeepKart, we strive to give our customers an excellent experience, which is why all our listed two-wheelers are procured only from verified sellers and refurbished to a good-as-new condition.
  • Before listing any used two-wheelers on our website, we perform an RTO background check.
  • We provide a 3-day return policy to our customers. If you do not like the bike within 3 days of purchase, you can return it, and we assure a 100% refund.
  • We offer three free services in a year, at the comfort of your home. We also offer a one-year/10,000-kilometer warranty.
  • At BeepKart, we also provide assured buyback options.
  • Customer Reviews

    “This scooter gives good mileage and has a bigger seat than other scooters. The handling and riding position is more comfortable than most other scooters. For racers, it's a good choice since the scooter goes from 0-80 in only 10 sec. The suspension, both front and rear, is very very good. The leg space is very comfortable.”

    “It's a powerful scooter at this price point. Its looks are very sharp. The performance is very peppy and power loaded. The instrument cluster of the bike is quite useful. ”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the highlights of Hero Maestro Bike?

    2. Hero Maestro is a scooter that weighs 110 kg, has a 109 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which develops a power of 8.2 bhp with a fuel capacity of 5.3 litres.

    3. How many second hand Hero Maestro Bikes are available in Bangalore?

    4. There are 6 second hand Hero Maestro available in Bangalore at Beepkart.

    5. What is the price range of second hand Hero Maestro Bikes in Bangalore?

    6. Hero Maestro second hand bikes in Bangalore are available in the range of ₹12800 - ₹74700.

    7. Which is the most affordable/low priced used Hero Maestro in Bangalore?

    8. A second hand Hero Maestro bike can be purchased in Bangalore for about ₹12800 - ₹74700.

    9. What is the average mileage of Hero Maestro?

    10. The average mileage of Hero Maestro is 45 kmpl to 51 kmpl.

    11. Which model is best/popular in used Hero Maestro in Bangalore?

    12. The popularly used second hand Hero in Bangalore variants are Hero Maestro Edge and Hero Maestro.

    13. How many colours are available in Hero Maestro?

    14. Second hand Hero Maestro are usually available in Candy Blazing Red, Pearl Silver White, Panther Black, Matte Techno Blue, Prismatic Yellow and Prismatic Purple.