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Frequently Asked Questions

We procure our bikes directly from verified sellers. Our experts refurbish the bikes to ensure your ride is as good as new.

Yes, all our bikes are certified. Each bike undergoes meticulous technical inspection followed by an RTO background check on a best-effort basis.

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka. However, this option will be available in the future.

No, we do not deal in cash. Post-sale, the money is transferred directly to your bank account.
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Bullet 350, the quintessential Royal Enfield, is one of the most popular bikes in India. The distinct thump, the iconic laid-bare engine design, reliability and performance are what makes the Bullet loved by millions of Indian bike enthusiasts.

The Bullet 350’s on-road price is in the range of INR 1.76 lakhs to INR 2.02 lakhs. Looking to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 at a lower price? We recommend that you opt for a second-hand Bullet bike at BeepKart! At BeepKart, you can find high-quality used two-wheelers at very affordable prices.

Check out our collection of used two-wheelers today!

When does it make sense to buy a second-hand bike in India?

Buying a second-hand bike can make sense if you have budget constraints but want to own your own two-wheeler. Purchasing a second-hand bike is much more affordable than buying a new one. In fact, you can even purchase a more premium second-hand bike model that fits your budget. Further, premiums for second-hand bike insurance are less costly than that for a new bike.

What are the different second-hand Bullet bike variants available in the market?

There are four variants of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Listed below are the different variants available along with their features and approximate on-road price.

Model Approximate On-Road Price Features
Bullet 350 KS INR 1,76,000
  • 350cc engine displacement
  • 13.5 liter fuel tank capacity
  • Kick start mechanism
Bullet 350 Standard INR 1,84,000
  • 350cc engine displacement
  • 13.5 liter fuel capacity
  • Electric start mechanism
Bullet 350 ES INR 2,02,000
  • 350cc engine displacement
  • 13.5 liter fuel tank capacity
  • Electric start mechanism
Bullet 500(Discontinued) INR 2,21,000
  • 500cc engine displacement
  • Electric start mechanism
  • 13.5 liter fuel tank capacity

What is the pricing of a second-hand Bullet bike on BeepKart?

The price of an old Bullet bike depends on the year of purchase, the current condition it is in, and how many kilometers it’s run for. At BeepKart, all our two-wheelers undergo a thorough inspection by experts so you can be completely sure of the bike’s condition. Visit our website today!

How does the Royal Enfield Bullet compare with other bikes in the same price range?

Brand Model Average Mileage Engine Displacement Approximate On-Road Price
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 41 km/liter 350cc INR 1,76,000
Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 44 km/liter 220cc INR 1,70,000
Suzuki Intruder 150 49 km/liter 155cc INR 1,65,000
Bajaj Avenger Street 160 43 km/liter 160cc INR 1,42,000

Five simple steps to owning your own second-hand Bullet bike

Here are five simple steps to purchasing your own second-hand Bullet bike from BeepKart:

  1. First, visit our website and check out our collection of bikes.
  2. Found a bike you’ve fallen in love with? Come to our yard and take the bike for a spin.
  3. After the test drive, should you like the bike, you can check the documents of the vehicle.
  4. Still in love with your choice? Time to make the payment online. After completion of payment and all the documentation, you can take your bike home immediately. it takes approximately 60 RTO working days to transfer the documents to you
  5. Not happy with the bike you’ve purchased? BeepKart offers a 3-day love-it-or-return-it policy, so you can be free to change your mind without regrets!


Why you should choose BeepKart to purchase a second-hand bike

Here's why you can always trust us to purchase your dream Bullet bike.

  • At BeepKart, customer satisfaction is always on our minds. Our team of experts work hard to curate and refurbish second-hand Bullet bikes from verified sellers.
  • We make sure that our two-wheelers are in a condition as good as new.
  • Before listing any used two-wheelers on our website, we perform an RTO background check.
  • We provide a 3-day return policy to our customers. If you do not like the bike within 3 days of purchase, you can return it, and we assure a 100% refund.
  • We assure three free services in a year, at the comfort of your home. We also offer a one-year/10,000-kilometer warranty.
  • At BeepKart, we also provide assured buyback options.
  • Customer Reviews

    Here’s what our customers have to say about their experience with us.

    “Good experience. BeepKart helped me a lot to buy the vehicle over a video call. I liked the professionalism, and the executive was very kind and polite. BeepKart is one of the best sellers of used two-wheelers in town!” - Likhith Gowda

    “I bought a classic 350 Bullet in pure black at the best price. The salesman was very interactive and a nice person. Thanks to the BeepKart team!” - Shailesh Sherkhane

    “Great Service. Excellent pricing. No hassle and on the spot payment.” - Shrinivas Desai


      1. Second-hand bike versus a new bike - which one should I buy?

      The decision of buying either a second-hand bike or a new bike depends on your requirements and budget. If you have a limited budget but still want to purchase a bike, we recommend purchasing a second-hand bike from a trusted source like BeepKart.

      2. What are the documents I should check before purchasing a second-hand bike?

      Here is the list of all the important documents that you need to check before purchasing a used motorcycle:

      • RC(Registration Certificate) book
      • Two wheeler insurance policy
      • PUC certificate

      3. What if there are any issues or defects with my purchase?

      BeepKart assures top-quality products to their customers. In fact, we have a 3-day return policy with a 100% refund. Apart from that, we assure three free services in a year at the buyer's convenience, and also offer a one-year/10,000 kilometers warranty on engine or gear.

      4. Is it possible to sell a bike that has unpaid loans on BeepKart?

      No, BeepKart does not purchase or list any bike on the site which has loans due on it. Sellers have to provide a NOC certificate from the bank if the bike previously had a loan on it.