Best Sports Bikes Under 1 Lakh

Are you looking for the best sports bike in India under 1 lakh? Here's where your search comes to halt. We have analyzed the available options and compiled a list of the best sports bikes priced around 1 lakh that you should absolutely check out.

Sports bikes resonate with speed, power and exhilarating acceleration for aggressive riding. This combination naturally demands a powerful engine and fine-tuned parts that work seamlessly with each other. Sports bikes, as a result, rev up to higher speeds within seconds. Another advantage of sports bikes is that they have excellent cornering abilities making it easy to ride the bike at high speeds. While these bikes inherently aren't the most economical of two-wheelers, the latest models do come with great mileage. Most affordable sports bikes, thus, also double up as commuter bikes when needed.

Generally, it is difficult to find sports bikes at a price tag below INR 1 lakh due to their high manufacturing cost. But you can still get a few entry-level sports bikes in the Indian automobile market that are priced around this mark. You can also consider buying a second hand sports bike if you are on a limited budget.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

INR 1.00 lakhs
50 km/liter
Pulsar NS125
INR 1.00 lakhs
49 km/liter
Pulsar 150
INR 1.00 lakhs
50 km/liter
CT 100
INR 0.54 lakhs
75 km/liter
Raider 125
INR 0.83 lakhs
59 km/liter
Pulsar 125
INR 0.80 lakhs
50 km/liter

How to get these bikes for better prices?

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    FAQs about BeepKart

    1. Which are the best/popular Sports Bikes Under 1 lakh in India?

      Honda Unicorn, Bajaj Pulsar NS125, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj CT 100, TVS Raider 125, Bajaj Pulsar 125 are popular sports bikes in India under 1 lakh.
    2. Which are the least expensive Sports Bikes Under 1 lakh in India?

      Among the cheapest sports bikes under 1 lakh in India, you can get the Bajaj CT 100 at INR 0.54 lakh and Bajaj Pulsar 125 at INR 0.80 lakh.
    3. Where can I find the best Sports Bikes Under 1 lakh in India?

      At BeepKart, you can find the best sports bikes under 1 lakh in India. We have created an online platform for the convenience of our customers.
    4. Which is the most popular sports bike?

      Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is the most popular sports bike in India.