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TVS Jupiter STD

₹ 1,01,371

TVS Jupiter STD Highlights

109.7 cc

62 km

6 L

109 Kg

765 mm

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TVS Motors makes the iconic TVS Jupiter scooter. Since 2013, it's become one of India's best-selling scooters. The scooter's base model, the TVS Jupiter Standard, has many features that make it ideal for daily commuters. Its 109.7 cc single-cylinder engine develops 7.3 horsepower and 8 Nm of torque. An automated transmission provides seamless gear changes. The TVS Jupiter Standard scooter has a comfy seat, a simple instrument cluster, and under-seat storage. The TVS Jupiter Standard has drum brakes, a kick-start mechanism, as well as a repairs free battery. A telescopic front suspension mechanism makes the scooter ride smooth even on difficult roads.

TVS Jupiter STD Highlights

Engine Capacity

109.7 cc


62 km

Fuel Tank Capacity

6 L

Kerb Weight

109 Kg

Seat Height

765 mm

TVS Jupiter STD Price

The TVS Jupiter STD is available for purchase in Delhi, India at a price of Rs. 73,671.

TVS Jupiter STD Features

TVS Jupiter STD
TVS Motors, an Indian company, makes a popular scooter called TVS Jupiter STD. It has a 109.7 cc engine that makes 7.99 bhp and 8.4 Nm of torque. The scooter looks cool and is known for being easy and comfortable to ride. It has a fully digital instrument cluster, a lot of storage space under the seats, and an automatic transmission. The Jupiter STD uses little gas and is said to get 62 km/l.
Max torque
The TVS Jupiter STD is a scooter that has a 109.7 cc engine with a maximum torque of 8 Nm at 5,500 RPM. This scooter has a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that provides smooth acceleration and consistent power output. A CVT automatic transmission sends the torque to the rear wheel in an effective way. The TVS Jupiter STD is a great option for everyday commuting and running errands because it has a high torque engine and a smooth transmission.
The TVS Jupiter STD is a reliable and efficient bike for commuting and running errands every day. Its 109.7 cc engine gives it a smooth start and a steady amount of power, and the automatic CVT transmission makes it easy to change gears. The scooter is easy to move around in busy city streets because it is light and easy to control, and its fuel-efficient engine helps you save money on gas.

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TVS Jupiter STD Expert Opinion
The TVS Jupiter Standard is a complete scooter with good performance, convenience, and simplicity. Its 109.7cc engine produces adequate force & torque, so it is suitable for city transportation. The scooter is useful for daily usage due to its big seat, under-seat storage, and front glove box. The TVS Jupiter Standard's smooth ride, light controls, and manoeuvrability make it comfortable to ride. The front and rear drum brakes provide the scooter good braking performance. Scooter buyers should consider the TVS Jupiter Standard. Its efficiency, safety, and efficiency make it a top performer in its sector in India.

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Body Parts

Engine parts

Electrical Items

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Control cables

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TVS Jupiter STD Competitors

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ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


TVS Jupiter STD

50 kmpl

109.7 cc

107 kg

₹ 76,465


Suzuki Access 125

48 kmpl

124 cc

104 kg

Rs. 77,378


TVS Ntorq 125

40 kmpl

124.8 cc

118 kg

Rs. 85,427


Honda Activa 125

47 kmpl

124 cc

111 kg

Rs. 78,396

TVS Jupiter STD FAQs

The TVS Jupiter STD is equipped with a 109.7cc engine.
The top speed of the TVS Jupiter STD is around 85 km/h.
Yes, the TVS Jupiter STD comes with an electric start system.
Yes, the TVS Jupiter STD also comes with a kick start option.
The TVS Jupiter STD is a 4-speed gear motorcycle.
The fuel tank capacity of the TVS Jupiter STD is 5 liters.

TVS Jupiter STD Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jupiter scooty
Within this particular category, the Jupiter scooter got to stand out as the clear winner. It has a significant amount more capabilities than the others do, as well as more room and better mileage; I had a wonderful time operating this elegant vehicle. I really enjoy the pick up.
Rajkumar Gupta
To much comfortable and to much smooth
To a great extent comfy and to a great extent simple to operate and to a significant extent smooth as well as having the greatest mileage and having the best pickup in that respect. I think that everyone should try doing this. After reading every review on it, I decided to purchase this scooter since I realised that every review offered really valuable information.
Arman ali
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