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Suzuki M800

₹ 11,98,650

Suzuki M800 Highlights

805 cc

14.22 kmpl

5 Speed Manual

15 litres

269 kg

700 mm

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Suzuki M800 cruiser motorbike with all of the right parts that make it a good choice for travelling. It has the same layout as the bigger motorcycle, which means it is long and low to the ground, covered in chrome, and has a big LED tail light to make it look more expensive. The Suzuki M800 has an 805cc V-twin engine with a carburetor that makes 50bhp & 65Nm of torque. Like the larger motorcycle, this one has a five phases gearbox and even a shaft drive that send power to the back wheel. It goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 sec & can go as fast as 209 km/h. From the main seat, the single-piece analogue fuel gauge with such a digital screen for the trip metres stands out. On the tank, just above fuel filler cap, the factors & balanced light have been put.

Suzuki M800 Highlights

Engine Capacity

805 cc


14.22 kmpl


5 Speed Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity

15 litres

Kerb Weight

269 kg

Seat Height

700 mm

Suzuki M800 Price

The Suzuki M800 is a cruiser motorcycle that was last priced at Rs. 10,14,976 in India. It was available in one variant with two colors, and featured both front and rear disc brakes.

Suzuki M800 Features

Suzuki M800
The Suzuki M800 is a cruiser motorcycle made by the Japanese automaker Suzuki. It has an 805 cc engine that makes 54 horsepower and 59 Nm of torque. The M800 has a classic look with a low-slung saddle, wide handlebars, and forward-set footpegs. It has modern features such as fuel injection and a digital instrument panel. The M800 is good for long-distance touring and is comfortable to ride thanks to its smooth engine and soft suspension
max torque
The Suzuki M800 has an 805 cc engine that can make up to 59 Nm of torque. This engine's speed is smooth and quick, making it great for cruising on the highway and going long distances. The engine of the M800 is paired with a 5-speed transmission that makes shifting smooth and easy, so riders can enjoy a comfortable and easy ride. The Suzuki M800 is a strong and reliable motorcycle with a powerful engine. It is perfect for riders who want a strong and exciting ride. Performance
The Suzuki M800 is a popular choice among cruiser motorcycle fans because it performs well and is reliable. Its 805 cc engine makes 54 hp and 59 Nm of torque, which gives it a smooth and quick start. The bike's 5-speed transmission makes shifting easy and smooth, and the low-set saddle and forward-set footpegs make it comfortable and easy to ride. The M800 is quick and responsive, which makes it a good choice for driving on winding roads and making tight turns.

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Suzuki M800 Expert Opinion
The Suzuki M800 is a traditional touring motorcycle that is well-liked among riders who place a high value on elegance, pleasure, and efficiency. It is sometimes referred to as the Boulevard M800. This motorcycle is equipped with a potent 805 cc V-twin engines which delivers a plenty power for riding on the highway as well as riding in the city. Additionally, the M800 has a riding position that is comfortable, broad bars, and a lower seat height, all of which make it simple for users to get onto and off the motorcycle. In addition, the M800 has a transmission that shifts smoothly and brakes that are quick to respond, which together make for a ride that is both smooth and under control. The Suzuki M800 is a complete motorcycle that delivers a fantastic balance of design, pleasure, and endurance. As a result, it is a favourite choice among riders who are interested in a traditional cruiser.

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Body Parts

Engine parts

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Control cables

Rearview mirrors

Gasket kit

Suzuki M800 Competitors

List of Competitors



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Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


Suzuki M800

22 kmpl

805 cc

269 kg

₹ 10,14,976


Triumph Bonneville T100

24 kmpl

900 cc

228 kg

₹ 11,37,292


Harley-Davidson Iron 883

22 kmpl

883 cc

256 kg

₹ 13,53,949


Kawasaki W800

22 kmpl

773 cc

224 kg

₹ 8,25,864

Suzuki M800 FAQs

The engine capacity of the Suzuki M800 is 805cc.
The fuel tank capacity of the Suzuki M800 is 17 liters.
The top speed of the Suzuki M800 is estimated to be around 130-140 km/h.
The weight of the Suzuki M800 is around 243 kg.
Yes, the Suzuki M800 has a liquid-cooled engine.

Suzuki M800 Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 42 reviews
The little devil
The Suzuki m800 is the best option in this category due to its superior pricing, performance, and overall appearance. The majority of the time, this vehicle is utilised for extended trtravel
Lets do it everything with suzuki lets
This bike has fantastic features, and the best part is that the seating position is extremely comfortable. I use it both in the city and on long trips, and it does a great job in both situations.
Nisha Yadav
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