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Suzuki Let's

₹ 51,554

Suzuki Let's Highlights

112 cc

45 kmpl

5.2 litres

98 kg

765 mm

Color Options

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The Suzuki Lets is a beginner scooter. One of lightweight scooters in the industry, the Lets is geared to women. Since June 2014, this SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance)-powered scooter has been on sale. 8.7bhp and 9Nm are produced by the 110cc engine in the Lets. The engine has a CVT transmission like other scooters. It has swing arm rear suspension and telescopic oil damped front suspension. Front and rear 120mm drum brakes stop the 90/100-10 tubeless tyres. The Lets can travel over 260km on a tank of 5.2 litres. The scooter weighs 98kg and has 160mm of ground clearance. Nowadays, scooters come with storage boxes and cellphone chargers like the Lets.

Suzuki Let's Highlights

Engine Capacity

112 cc


45 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.2 litres

Kerb Weight

98 kg

Seat Height

765 mm

Suzuki Let's Price

The Suzuki Lets is a scooter available in India with a reported fuel efficiency of 45 kmpl. It had two variants and three colors, and was last priced between Rs. 49,691 to Rs. 51,554. The scooter featured both front and rear disc brakes.

Suzuki Let's Features

Suzuki Lets
Suzuki Lets is a scooter made by Suzuki Motorcycles. It is known for being small, easy to use, and good on gas. The Lets has a reliable engine, as well as a telescopic suspension, an alloy wheel, and an electric starter. People who live and work in cities often use scooters because they are cheap, easy to maintain, and convenient. The Suzuki Lets is a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable and affordable scooter because it looks good and has a lot of useful features.
max torque
The Suzuki Lets has a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 113cc engine that can make up to 8.7 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM. This makes it a good choice for riding in the city because it has enough power to move quickly even in heavy traffic. The scooter is light and easy to control, making it easy to get through narrow streets and around tight corners. It also gets good gas mileage, making it a good choice for people who commute every day.
The Suzuki Lets is great for city commuters because it runs smoothly and reliably. Its 113cc engine starts up quickly and gives out power quickly, making it easy to get around on busy city streets. The scooter has fully adjustable closure and alloy wheels, so even on rough roads, the ride is smooth and comfortable. With its small size, low maintenance needs, and fuel-efficient engine, the Lets is a good choice for people who travel to work every day.

Suzuki Let's News

Suzuki Let’s launched in new colours
The Let's is now available in three new colour combinations: blue/black with yellow graphics, orange/black, and black. The red/black and blue/black colours have been replaced by white graphics and grey/black colours. After GST, the price of the scooter has gone up to Rs 48,193. (Ex Showroom, Delhi). The Honda Activa I the TVS Scooty Zest 110, and the Hero Pleasure are the main bikes that this Suzuki has to deal with.

Suzuki Let's Expert Opinion
Suzuki Motor Corporation, a well-known manufacturer, makes the Suzuki Lets scooter. Expert perspectives vary by reviewer and experience, making consensus difficult. However, the Suzuki Lets' durability, fuel efficiency, and handling make it a popular commuter vehicle. Experts may also like its price and short-trip convenience. The Suzuki Lets' suitability depends on the rider's requirements and preferences.

Suzuki Let's Spare Parts


Body Parts

Engine parts

Electrical Items

Service Parts



Control cables

Rearview mirrors

Gasket kit

Suzuki Let's Competitors

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


Suzuki lets,

45 kmpl

112 cc

98 kg



Hero Xoom

45 kmpl

110.9 cc

108 kg



TVS Ntorq 125

40 kmpl

124.8 cc

118 kg

₹ 85,996


Honda Activa 125

47 kmpl

124 cc

109 kg

₹ 78,398

Suzuki Let's FAQs

The engine capacity of Suzuki Lets is 124cc.
The fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Lets is 5.2 liters.
Yes, Suzuki Lets has a kick start option in addition to electric start.
The top speed of Suzuki Lets is around 90 km/h.
Yes, Suzuki Lets is available with alloy wheels.

Suzuki Let's Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 53 reviews
The little devil
Because of its compact size, the scooter is incredibly fast, and it also has remarkable acceleration when proceeding through green lights. The standard whine that most scooters have can be annoying, but the Let's has an unique growl that I find to be one of its best features.
Lets do it everything with suzuki lets
Particularly useful for getting around in cities on a daily basis. Easy ride experience. Excellent fuel mileage. This motorcycle is virtually identical to its brother, the Suzuki Lets. It is adorable in its natural state of white. Lightweight and quick to pick up in relation to its range. Low in terms of required upkeep. We are overjoyed to welcome it as a new member of the family. A pleasant ride for people of all social groups.
Nisha Yadav
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