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Suzuki Hayate EP

₹ 69,496

Suzuki Hayate EP Highlights

113 cc

60 kmpl

4 Speed Manual

10 litres

107 kg

795 mm

Color Options

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Suzuki Hayate EP mass transit motorbike made for middle-aged individuals who work in offices. The Suzuki Hayate EP pretty simple motorcycle in terms of its appears to look and layout. Aside from new markings and paint schemes, there aren't many changes to the way it looks. The length of the overall length has been increased to make the ride more comfortable. It also receives a lengthier seat, new rear springs that can be adjusted for preload, tubeless tyres, and a battery that doesn't need to be maintained. The instrument cluster has a basic interface for the rider, with a black-and-white speedometer and analogue dials. The Hayate EP is endorsed by a modified edition of the gemstone frame with a lengthier wheelbase. The 112cc only one cylinder engine was also enhanced. It also has bit better power, with 8.7bhp & 9.3Nm of torque.

Suzuki Hayate EP Highlights

Engine Capacity

113 cc


60 kmpl


4 Speed Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity

10 litres

Kerb Weight

107 kg

Seat Height

795 mm

Suzuki Hayate EP Price

The Suzuki Hayate EP is a motorcycle that was priced at Rs. 55,385 in India. It was available in one variation and came in three different colors. According to user reports, it had a fuel efficiency of 60 kmpl. Additionally, the bike was equipped with both front and rear disc brakes.

Suzuki Hayate EP Features

Suzuki Hayate EP
Suzuki Hayate EP is a model of motorcycle made in Japan by the company Suzuki. It is a 110cc bike that looks like a scooter and is made for commuting in cities. The Suzuki Hayate EP has a powerful engine that uses little gas, comfortable seats, and a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around in traffic.
max torque
The most torque that the Suzuki Hayate EP can make is 9.8 Nm at 6000 RPM. It is made for commuting in cities. It has a 110cc engine, is light, uses little gas, and has comfortable seats. It's great for riding around the city every day, but it might not be good for long trips or riding fast.
The 110cc engine of the Suzuki Hayate EP is a good example of how it works. It has enough power for daily riding and commuting in the city. The Hayate EP is easy to drive in traffic because it is small and light, and its fuel-efficient engine helps keep costs down. The bike's performance is also helped by the fact that it has a smooth transmission, a comfortable seat, and a reliable braking system.

Suzuki Hayate EP News

Suzuki Hayate EP sales decline drastically
In May 2017, only 605 copies of the Hayate EP were sold each month. Last year, this Japanese motorcycle sold in the hundreds for a few months, but that was when the old Hayate was also on the market. We think that the Hayate EP hasn't sold because it doesn't look good and has a heavy, bulky body. Aside from this, the lack of sales and service in rural areas, where these bikes tend to sell well, could be another reason. Gixxer and Access 125 are the only two products that do well for the company right now. Even though the numbers aren't very high, they have stayed the same for a few months.

Suzuki Hayate EP Expert Opinion
In India, the Suzuki Hayate EP famous bike for getting around town. It's been appreciated as to how stylish it appears to look, how comfortable it is to ride, and how well it needs oil. The power outage and the limited fuel tank are 2 things that owners often worry about. But these trade-offs are to be expected from a cheap bike made for travellers. All in all, Suzuki Hayate EP just a good option for individuals who want a bike they can use every day that is reliable and doesn't cost too much.

Suzuki Hayate EP Spare Parts


Body Parts

Engine parts

Electrical Items

Service Parts



Control cables

Rearview mirrors

Gasket kit

Suzuki Hayate EP Competitors

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


Suzuki Hayate

60 Kmpl

113 cc

107 Kg

₹ 53,157


Bajaj Platina 100

73.5 kmpl

102 cc

117 kg

₹ 52,734


TVS Sport

70 kmpl

109.7 cc

112 kg

₹ 61,577


Honda Livo

58 kmpl

109.51 cc

113 kg

₹ 75,659

Suzuki Hayate EP FAQs

The engine displacement of the Suzuki Hayate is 112 cc.
The power output of the Suzuki Hayate is 8.7 PS @ 7,500 RPM and the torque output is 9.0 Nm @ 6,500 RPM.
The top speed of the Suzuki Hayate is around 90 km/h.
The fuel tank capacity of the Suzuki Hayate is 12 litres.
The kerb weight of the Suzuki Hayate is 108 kg.

Suzuki Hayate EP Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 42 reviews
Great bike.
Runs so efficiently mileage and the engine doesn't make any noise while riding, and the stress absorbing saucers are so amazing that everyone feels like a cushioning feel beneath his hips, and the clitch accelerator like a smooth roller.
Narendra Sainthwar
Suzuki Hayate
That bike My satisfaction level is much higher with my Suzuki Hayate than it is with any other bike, and the most important thing that matters in any bike is its after-sale service satisfaction, which is something you won't get from every company. Suzuki, on the other hand, delivers a very good after-sale service, and its maintenance costs are much lower than those of other bikes.
Aman Ojjha
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