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Why BeepKart?

Customer Happy Moments

My experience with BeepKart was the best. Getting a suitable buyer has never been easy with sites like OLX and Quikr. The way BeepKart managed the entire process was amazing, to the point and accuracy at its best.

Sold Apache Rr 310

I was moving out to another city because of work and wanted to sell my two-wheeler before moving out. Thanks, BeepKart for helping me sell my two-wheeler so quickly.

Sold Dream Yuga

I loved that the process was very quick and smooth. Thanks, BeepKart for helping me sell the bike ASAP.

Sold Fz S

I was happy that I was able to sell my bike without a mammoth effort.

Sold Dio

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Submit your bike details- fill the simple details at the link provided here. Sell your bike
  2. BeepKart will run an auction for your two-wheeler with several verified bidders across town. You will receive the top price quoted for your bike.
  3. If you are happy with the top price, you can accept the price. Once the price is accepted, the buyer will come to your doorstep and make the full payment, sign relevant documents and take your bike.

There are multiple benefits-

  • You get the Best Price with no effort or time from you
  • Full transparency- instant & 100% payment directly from buyer to you
  • Hassle free document transfer*
  • Verified Buyers- no dealing with unverified fraudulent buyers
  • All activities completed from the comfort of your home

Yes, you will. Instant payment will be done through UPI or bank transfer. You will part with your bike only after receiving 100% payment credit.

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Sell Used Bikes Online

Buying and selling used bikes has become very simple nowadays. With reliable websites such as BeepKart around, you can sell or buy a second hand bike in a day. If you are looking to get a great deal on a used two wheeler, look no further. Just log on to BeepKart and find the best solutions!

BeepKart, with its digital-first approach, is here to transform the process of buying a second-hand two wheeler. You can now afford your dream two-wheeler and buy it easily from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

BeepKart is an online platform where you can sell a used motorbike or scooter. It is a very convenient platform via which you can sell a second hand bike in a hassle-free manner. As a seller, you get various benefits such as a reliable sale deed and instant payments.

The process of selling used bikes through BeepKart

To sell your bike, you simply have to enter some details of your two wheeler on the website. A home inspection would be arranged for your bike and if found satisfactory, it would be picked up by BeepKart. Even an instant payment would be provided to the seller.

The advantages of selling used bikes on BeepKart

Here are some of the benefits you get when you sell your bike on BeepKart

  1. Quick and easy
  2. The process to sell the 2nd hand bikes is very quick and convenient on BeepKart which comes as an added advantage.

  3. Reliable
  4. BeepKart is trust-worthy used two-wheeler buyer in Bangalore. So, you don't have to worry about fraudulent transactions or harassment of any kind when you sell your used bike. For your convenience, all the paperwork is handled by the team at BeepKart.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can see just how beneficial it is for you to sell a used bike on BeepKart.

Hassle-free fund transfers

Quick fund transfers are another huge benefit of BeepKart. The payment is instantly transferred to your bank account when you sell your bike to BeepKart. There is no need to wait to receive the funds.


“I urgently needed to sell my bike, as I was shifting out of Bangalore. I went on BeepKart and could finalise the deal in a day. I am so happy with the smooth and hassle-free experience.”

- Mr Thomas Murthy, sold his Honda Livo.


1. Can I get paid in cash when I sell the bike to BeepKart?

No, cash payments are not made by BeepKart. The amount is transferred directly to your bank account within five minutes of the vehicle being picked up from your doorstep.

2. Will BeepKart assist me in the transfer of documents when I sell my bike?

Yes, BeepKart assists you in the RC transfer process and this allows you to relax while comfortably sitting at home.