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Frequently Asked Questions

We procure our bikes directly from verified sellers. Our experts refurbish the bikes to ensure your ride is as good as new.

Yes, all our bikes are certified. Each bike undergoes meticulous technical inspection followed by an RTO background check on a best-effort basis.

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. However, this option will be available in the future.

No. We operate on a fixed-price model and do not give discounts over and above the prices mentioned on the website.
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The pandemic disrupted public transport and has increased the importance of having one's own vehicle. BeepKart, our startup in Chennai, is here to make owning a two-wheeler more affordable and convenient. The company procures high-quality bikes from verified sellers, refurbishes them to as-good-as-new and with its digital-first approach, allows you to buy it from the comfort of your home!

Given the traffic situation in Chennai, it is advisable to own a two-wheeler. However, with a country still recovering from a pandemic, not everyone can afford their dream two-wheeler. Buying a refurbished, pre-owned, or a second hand bike is an ideal solution! Of course, this is assuming you can verify it’s in a good condition and have reliable after-sales support as if you were buying a brand new vehicle instead of a second hand bike.

And what’s more? A no questions asked 3-day return policy would make you buy with complete confidence.

For these reasons, the market for second hand bikes in Chennai has been seeing a surge in the last two years.

Several platforms list unverified 2nd hand bikes in Chennai from unverified sellers. However, BeepKart is different. It is one of a kind, buyer-focused brand that has emerged as an extremely professional, reliable service for used bikes in Chennai.

BeepKart performs diligent RTO background checks and provides secure ownership transfer along with 3 free services for a year. We also provide a no-questions asked 3 days (or 100 kms) return policy if you don’t absolutely love your 2-wheeler!

Our guaranteed fixed resale value further sweetens the pot; there’s really no reason for you to not ride your dream 2-wheeler around Chennai without breaking the bank.

If you want to browse further, check out our website www.beepkart.com and then visit our Koramangala yard for unlimited test rides. You will be spoilt for choice - we have a wide range of brands, models and price points to choose from - including very popular models like Honda Activa, Hero Splendor, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Hero Passion Pro.

Buying a second hand bike involves a bit of paperwork for the transfer of ownership from the previous owner. We verify the original owner’s identity and obtain the original registration certificate, insurance papers and NOC where applicable. The vehicle gets legally transferred to you via Transfer Vehicle Registration Certificate (TVRC). The document transfer process is undertaken very smoothly with BeepKart.