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Mahindra Rodeo

₹ 60,450

Mahindra Rodeo Highlights

124 cc

35 kmpl

4 litres

106 kg

780 mm

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Mahindra Rodeo is a functionality scooterette for youthful urban residents. The Rodeo, a beautiful scooter, has sold well. The Rodeo has a modern rider interface with a seven-color illuminated digital speedometer. The modern console has a phone charger, tachometer, fuel gauge, overspeeding warn, and acceleration timer. Clear lens headlights exude quality. Low seat and light controls make the scooter convenient. Its 22-litre under-seat storage accommodates more than a half-face helmet. A 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine produces 8bhp at 7,000rpm and 9Nm at 5,500rpm in the Rodeo. Its CVT makes city driving easy. It reaches 80kmph and gets 59.38kmpl (ARAI figures). The 1,790mm-long, 650mm-wide, 1,110mm-high Rodeo has a 1,245mm wheelbase. 111kg and 154mm ground clearance.

Mahindra Rodeo Highlights

Engine Capacity

124 cc


35 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity

4 litres

Kerb Weight

106 kg

Seat Height

780 mm

Mahindra Rodeo Price

Mahindra Rodeo is a scooter that can be bought in India for between Rs. 49,138 and Rs. 51,663. It came in 3 different styles and 4 colors.

Mahindra Rodeo Features

Mahindra Rodeo
Mahindra Rodeo is a scooter made by Mahindra Two Wheelers, which is an Indian company. It came out in 2008 and was made for people who live and work in cities. It has a 110cc engine and gets about 60 km/l per litre of gas. It also has a lot of helpful features, like an electric start and a disc brake in front. It was taken off the market in India because it was no longer made.
max torque
Maximum torque for the Mahindra Rodeo scooter is 9 Nm (5500 RPM) (Revolutions Per Minute). This indicates that at 5500 RPM, the engine is capable of producing a maximum twisting force of 9 Nm. The scooter's quickness and ability to traverse steep inclines can be attributed to the torque it generates.
The Rodeo had an excellent power delivery and did well in city traffic, thus it was a popular choice as a daily driver and for commuting. Unfortunately, production stopped and sales ended in India.

Mahindra Rodeo News


Mahindra Rodeo Expert Opinion
Mahindra Motorbikes, a branch of Indian multinational vehicle manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra, produces the scooter Mahindra Rodeo. It's a compact, attractive scooter with good build quality, a powerful engine, good fuel savings, and a comfortable ride. It's a nice scooter for those who want safety and efficiency, but its power-to-weight ratio is really not great. It's beneficial for short trips and errands, but it's not ideal for extended rides or big loads.

Mahindra Rodeo Spare Parts


Engine Parts

Electrical Parts

Brakes and Suspension


Body Parts

Tires and Wheels


floor mats

seat covers

helmet locks.

Mahindra Rodeo Competitors

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


mahindra rodeo

59 kmp

124.6 cc

106 kg

Rs. 50,310


Suzuki Access 125

48 kmpl

124 cc

104 kg

Rs. 77,378


TVS Ntorq 125

40 kmpl

124.8 cc

118 kg

Rs. 85,427


Honda Activa 125

47 kmpl

124 cc

111 kg

Rs. 78,396

Mahindra Rodeo FAQs

The engine capacity of Mahindra Rodeo is 124.6 cc.
The power of Mahindra Rodeo is 8.5 bhp and torque is 9.5 Nm.
The mileage of Mahindra Rodeo is around 50-55 km/l.
The top speed of Mahindra Rodeo is around 85 km/h.
The weight of Mahindra Rodeo is around 115 kg.

Mahindra Rodeo Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 53 reviews
Great Bike
It has a 125 CC engine and runs very smoothly on any road. It's a fantastic bike.
Mansh Tiwari
Good scooter
I started using it in 2015. This scooter never gave me any big trouble. It's the best-looking scooter.
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