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Mahindra kine

₹ 38,177

Mahindra kine Highlights

71 cc

55 kmpl

4 litres

82 kg

760 mm

Color Options

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The Mahindra Kine is an entry-level scooter produced by the Pune-based two-wheeler company. It has been managed to sell under the same name since the days of Kinetic and was passed over when the company changed fingers about five years ago. It is powered by a 71cc fuel engine that is cooled by air and has a fuel line. It makes 3bhp and 5Nm of torque. It comes with an automatic transmission that provides power to the rear wheel via a chain drive. It is developed on a tubular chassis and has a standard suspension setup. In terms of stopping power, it has 112mm drum brakes in the front and back. All variants of the step thru also have a single-piece instrument cluster, alloy wheels, and an electric start unit as standard features. Mahindra is trying to sell the Kine in five colours: red, white, lavender, and black.

Mahindra kine Highlights

Engine Capacity

71 cc


55 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity

4 litres

Kerb Weight

82 kg

Seat Height

760 mm

Mahindra kine Price

Mahindra Kine is a scooter that was last sold in India for Rs. 34,153. It came in one style and four colors. It had disc brakes on both the front and back.

Mahindra kine Features

Mahindra Kine
The Mahindra Kine is a small scooter made by the Indian company Mahindra Two Wheelers. It gets good gas mileage for its size. It comes in a few different colours and has a 109.6 cc engine. It is known for being cheap, durable, and good on gas. People in India and other developing countries like the Mahindra Kine because it is affordable and useful.
max torque
The Mahindra Kine reaches its peak torque of 9 Nm (Newton metres) at 5500 RPM (Revolutions per Minute). Torque is a measurement of the force required to rotate an object, and is hence a common proxy for a vehicle's performance. As a scooter in its class, the Kine has respectable acceleration and power thanks to its 9 Nm of torque.
The Mahindra Kine is a fuel-efficient scooter with low performance. Its class-appropriate 109.6 cc engine produces enough power. Its 9 Nm maximum torque at 5500 RPM provides good acceleration and power. The Kine is durable, fuel-efficient, and affordable. With a 3.8 L gasoline tank, it can go far on one tank. The Mahindra Kine is ideal for short-distance city transportation.

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Mahindra kine Expert Opinion
The Mahindra Kine is a compact and inexpensive scooter that's also produced by the Indian manufacturer Mahindra. It has a small body size and an engine that is not overly powerful because it was designed with urban commuters in view. It is known for its durability as well as its effective use of fuel. In overall, it is a great option for riding around the city and for work. It receives excellent fuel efficiency and has a low maintenance cost. In addition to this, it can be obtained at a cost that isn't excessive

Mahindra kine Spare Parts


Engine Parts

Electrical Parts

Brakes and Suspension


Body Parts

Tires and Wheels


floor mats

seat covers

helmet locks.

Mahindra kine Competitors

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


mahindra kine

55 kmpl

71 cc

82 kg

Rs. 34,153


Suzuki Access 125

48 kmpl

124 cc

104 kg

Rs. 77,378


TVS Ntorq 125

40 kmpl

124.8 cc

118 kg

Rs. 85,427


Honda Activa 125

47 kmpl

124 cc

111 kg

Rs. 78,396

Mahindra kine FAQs

The engine capacity of Mahindra Kine is 72 cc.
The mileage of Mahindra Kine is around 55 km/l.
The top speed of Mahindra Kine is around 60 km/h
Yes, Mahindra Kine has a self-start option.
No, Mahindra Kine comes with drum brake as standard.

Mahindra kine Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 47 reviews
Good Fuel mileage
Mahindra kine is the best scooter in the scooter segment and best fuel mileage and good looking and.I like this scooter
In the scooter segment Mahindra kine is the best, I am using the scotter since 3 year and I have no problem in this.
Rajkumar singh
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