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Honda CBR500R

₹ 4,45,000

Honda CBR500R Highlights

500 cc


6 Speed Manual

15.5 litres

192 kg

790 mm

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The Honda CBR 500R's 471cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, parallel twin-cylinder BS6 engine produces 46.9 Bhp and 43 Nm at 8,600 and 6,500 rpm, in both. With such a 2-cylinder engine and 6-speed gears, this bike has good power. The engines of these two bikes have the same rpm but slightly different in power. You'll get 1000 rpm difference and a wonderful top speed. A 649cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 8-valve, Fi, 2-cylinder, BS-6 engine powers the Kawasaki Ninja 650, producing 68.0 Bhp at 8,000 rpm and 65.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This bike is more powerful due to its 6-speed gearbox & 2-cylinder engine.

Honda CBR500R Highlights

Engine Capacity

500 cc




6 Speed Manual

Fuel Tank Capacity

15.5 litres

Kerb Weight

192 kg

Seat Height

790 mm

Honda CBR500R Price

The Honda CBR500R is a sports bike that is expected to come out in India in December 2023 and cost between Rs. 4,45,000 and Rs. 5,09,999.

Honda CBR500R Features

Honda cbr500r
Since 2013, Honda has been making sport motorcycles like the CBR500R. It has a 471 cc parallel-twin engine that gives it the right amount of power and efficiency. It's made to be a sporty, fun-to-ride bike that's also friendly and easy for new riders to handle. It has a sporty riding position, a sleek aerodynamic design, and a comfortable seat, which makes it good for everyday use. The CBR500R has a chain drive and a transmission with six speeds. It also has disc brakes, an inverted fork, and a Pro-Link rear suspension, which make for a smooth ride.
Max torque
The Honda CBR500R has a max torque of 43 lb-ft at 8,500 RPM. It's important to know that torque is a measure of an engine's rotating force, and it's often thought to be a more important metric for figuring out a motorcycle's acceleration and low-end power. A higher torque value means that the engine can put out more power at lower RPMs. This can make the bike more responsive and easier to ride in stop-and-go traffic or on roads with curves.
The CBR500R is known for how easy it is to handle and how friendly it is. This makes it a great choice for new riders or people who want a sporty bike that is easy to ride every day. It is also easy to ride for long distances. The CBR500R is also fairly light and quick, which makes it a good choice for curvy roads and tight turns. Overall, the Honda CBR500R is a good choice for people who want a sporty, fun-to-ride bike that is also easy to control. It has a good balance of power and control, so riders of all skill levels can use it.

Honda CBR500R News

Will the Honda CBR500R be sold in India?
Changes to the PGM-FI that controls the mixture are meant to improve torque feel in the mid-range without sacrificing horsepower in other areas. The top speed is around 115 mph, which is fast enough to get into a lot of trouble, for sure.

Honda CBR500R Expert Opinion
The Honda CBR500R is a popular sport bike known for how well it combines power and handling. It's powered by a 471cc parallel-twin engine and has a sleek, aerodynamic design. Many riders like the bike's comfortable riding position, smooth power delivery, and easy-to-control nature. It's a good option for people who want a sporty bike that's easy to ride, cheap, and requires little maintenance.

Honda CBR500R Spare Parts


Body Parts

Engine parts

Electrical Items

Service Parts



Control cables

Rear view mirrors

Gasket kit

Honda CBR500R Competitors

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


Honda cbr 500r

30 kmpl

471 cc

193 kg.

Rs. 5-6 Lakhs.


Kawasaki Ninja 400

24.18 kmpl

399 cc

168 kg

Rs. 4.99 Lakh


KTM 390 Adventure

28.9 kmpl

373 cc

172 kg

Rs. 3.37 Lakh


Benelli TRK 502

20 kmpl

500 cc

235 kg

Rs. 5,69,881

Honda CBR500R FAQs

The seat height of the Honda CBR500R is 785 mm.
The fuel economy of the Honda CBR500R is 28.6km/litre.
Yes, the Honda CBR500R is available in an ABS version.
Yes, the Honda CBR500R comes with a fuel injection system.
The Honda CBR500R has a 471 cc.

Honda CBR500R Bikes Ratingsreviews

Based on 50 reviews
It’s is a best bike
It's the best bike under 500cc. It looks fantastic and gets great mileage for a sportbike.
Anuj Pandey
Its My Dream
It really is very nice, which is attracted me to. The look from the front is best.
Narendra Singh
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