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Hero Destini 125

₹ 73,250

Hero Destini 125 Highlights

124.6 cc

65 kmpl

5.5 litres

111.5 kg

770 mm

Color Options

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Hero's entry into the high-end 125cc scooter market is marked with the Destini 125. With its manly physique and crisp lines all around, it takes aesthetic elements from its younger sibling, the Duet 110. There are four versions of it available: LX, VX, Platinum, and a unique 100 Million Edition. The front apron of the Destini 125 features a handlebar-mounted headlamp with LED guide lighting and turn indicators. Both versions come equipped with the i3S fuel-saving system and an external fuel filling lid. It comes with an analogue speedometer and a tiny digital unit that comes standard with trip metres, odometers, and fuel gauges. A 124cc engine producing 8.7bhp and 10.2Nm of torque powers the Destini 125. A CVT gearbox is connected to this device. Drum brakes are used for stopping on both ends, and a combined braking system (CBS) is included as standard. Telescopic front forks and a connected monoshock at the back handle the suspension work in the interval. The Destini 125 is available from Hero in eight different colour schemes. Hero has also released a limited-edition model that is decorated with a combination of the colours red and white to mark the passing of the 100 million overall production milestone. The Suzuki Access 125 and Activa 125 scooters are its main rivals in the nation.

Hero Destini 125 Bike Details

Engine Capacity

124.6 cc


65 kmpl

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.5 litres

Kerb Weight

111.5 kg

Seat Height

770 mm

Hero Destini 125 Price

Hero Destini 125 The Hero Destini 125 is a scooter that costs between Rs.73,768 and Rs.83,868. It comes in three different styles and seven colours. Destini 125 has a bs6 engine that is 124.6 cc. It has Drum brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the back. Destini 125 is 115 kg heavy and has a 5 L fuel tank.

Hero Destini 125 Features

Hero Destini 125

<para>In India, the scooter Hero Destini 125 Xtec starts at a price of Rs. 73,201. It comes in 3 versions and 7 colours, with the most expensive starting at Rs. 83,846. The Hero Destini 125 Xtec has a 124.6cc BS6 engine that puts out 9 bhp of power and 10.4 Nm of torque. The front and back drum brakes on the Hero Destini 125 Xtec work together to stop both wheels. This Destini 125 Xtec scooter weighs 114 kg and can hold 5 litres of gas.<para>

Max torque

<para>A 124cc engine producing 8.7bhp and 10.2Nm of torque powers the Destini 125. A CVT gearbox is connected to this device. Drum brakes are used for stopping on both ends, and a combined braking system (CBS) is included as standard. Telescopic front forks and a connected monoshock at the back handle the suspension work in the interval.<para>


<para>The Hero Destini 125 is powered by a 124.6cc, single-cylinder engine that can make up to 8.2 bhp of power and 10.2 Nm of torque at its most powerful. Hero MotoCorp says that compared to the Duet 110, this engine has 9 percent more power and 17 percent more torque. When you pick up the scooter from a stop, you can feel the difference in power and torque right away. Because the torque is higher on the Destini 125, it starts up a bit better than the Duet 110 and feels a bit more urgent. The company's own engineers made the engine for the Destini 125, which runs smoothly in the city. But when you push the scooter to its limit, the vibrations start a little sooner than you might expect compared to its competitors. Due to the limits of the set route, we were only able to reach 85 kmph during our short test ride, but there was still some power left.<para>

Hero Destini 125 News

Is Hero Destini 125 worth buying?

<para>The Hero Destiny battery scooter is a great product. That's a significant mileage, and with IT, it's much better. As a result, the ar... The rechargeable scooter and the hero destini are also excellent choices.<para>

Hero Destini 125 Expert Opinion


In India, the market for 110cc scooters has reached its limit, which has made the 125cc scooter market popular recently. So it's clear that all the big players want to join this new group of elites. And Hero Motocorp has chosen to use the Destini 125 as its card. The Destini 125 first showed up with a different name at the 2018 Auto Expo in February. It didn't hit the market until October, nine months later. At first glance, it looks like Hero looked at their competitor's (coughActiva125cough) drawing board when making the Destini 125. But the Destini has its own style. It has a large amount of chrome under the front turn signals and thin strips of chrome on either side of the strong side panels. The design is typical for a family scooter, but not so much that it gets boring. Now, the Destini 125's plastics are fine, but the scooter's fit and finish aren't very good. The bodywork of our test scooter had quite a few panel gaps, and the rubber parts on the mirrors and foot pegs didn't exactly scream "quality." The switchgear also feels cheap, which takes away from the Destini 125's high-end feel. But the paint is top-notch, which adds to the style we talked about earlier.

Hero Destini 125 Spare Parts


Body Parts

Service Parts


Leg Guard

Wind Screen


No Plate

Hero Destini 125 Competitors

<para>Ola S1, Honda Activa 6G, TVS NTORQ 125,<para>

List of Competitors



ARAI Mileage

Engine Displacement

kerb Weight

Average Ex-showroom Price


Ola S1

101 Km/Charge


121 to 125 kg

Rs87,687 - 1.49 Lakh*


Honda Activa 6G

60 Kmpl

109.5 cc

106 to 107 kg

Rs 85,032 - 88,888*



56.23 kmpl

124.8 to 124.8 cc

110 to 118 kg

Rs 95,948 - 1.18 Lakh*

Have Questions?

The engine displacement of Hero Destini 125 is 124.6 cc
Hero Destini 125 has Kick and Self Start.
Hero Destini 125 weighs around 115 kg.
The fuel tank capacity of Destini 125 is 5 L.
The height of Hero Destini 125 is 1154 mm
The real mileage of Hero Destini 125 is 65 kmpl.

Hero Destini 125 Customer reviews

Based on 35 reviews
The Hero Destini scooter is excellent.

<para>The Hero Destini scooter is excellent. The electric scooter is excellent. Additionally, that mileage is excellent, and its technology is even better. The scooter's attractiveness and massage have improved with the brother's entrance. Too much computer operating system has been installed on the scooter. excellent scooter<para>

Black panther is the colour of my soul.

<para>Black panther is the colour of my soul. The appearance is excellent, and the servicing and maintenance were superb. nice riding experience In the front, it resembles a Honda activa 125, and in the back, a Hero Deo. Overall, I have a great time and bike well.<para>

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