Electric Scooter FAQ

1 . What are the documents required to be submitted for a test drive?

For test driving a low-speed vehicle, only the driver’s Aadhar card is required. For a high-speed vehicle, both Aadhar card and the Driving License are required.

2 . Can I reschedule my test ride?

Yes, you can reschedule the test ride up to 2 hours before your previously booked time slot.

3 . How many days does it take to deliver the vehicle once booked?

The delivery period depends on the model of the vehicle that you have booked. It is mentioned on the product page of each vehicle. This information will also be present in the order confirmation mail.

4 . Can I return the vehicle after invoice has been generated ?

Across the automobile industry once the invoice is generated in a customer’s name for a particular vehicle, it cannot be returned. It is considered as used and cannot be sold again as a new vehicle. It can then be sold as a used vehicle only.

5 . What are the payment methods that are available?

You can pay using credit card, debit card, net-banking, cash as per RBI guidelines and by availing a BeepLoan.

6 . Can I change the selected vehicle once the booking has been done?

Yes, you can change the vehicle within same brand up to one day before the scheduled delivery date

7 . Can I exchange my vehicle with another vehicle after delivery of the product?

No, you cannot exchange the vehicle once delivered to you at your doorstep.

8 . What if the vehicle is damaged on delivery?

Please check the vehicle before accepting the delivery. A vehicle once delivered would not be replaced. If you notice that the vehicle is damaged at the time of delivery, kindly highlight the same to the BeepKart delivery executive. The executive will take such a vehicle back and deliver a replacement to you.