Tips to Buy Second Hand Bike

Planning to buy a second hand bike? Or wondering how to buy a second hand bike? We have got you covered. Here are all the things you would have to keep in mind.

Second hand two-wheelers are an excellent choice for customers who are on a tight budget. With a second hand purchase, they can lay their hands on a high-quality bike without burning a large hole in their pockets. A second hand purchase also makes sense for customers who don’t wish to spend a lot on their vehicle. But the purchase process for pre-owned vehicles is often a hassle. Moreover, customers are many times unsure about the condition of the bike when purchasing a pre-loved model. These act as major deterrents for many customers.

But with BeepKart, you can not only get rid of all the involved hassle but also acquire the best class second hand bikes at best prices. All the BeepKart vehicles are procured from verified sellers and refurbished to the best conditions. To browse the BeepKart catalog, you just have to visit our website. Meanwhile, you can read below to find out how to buy second hand bike with utmost ease.

Tips to Keep in Mind

You must remember the following tips when buying a second hand vehicle:

Selecting a trusted platform

The first thing to keep in mind when buying a second hand vehicle is to get it from a trusted technology-first platform like BeepKart. Trusted platforms inspect the two-wheeler properly before reselling it. This ensures that your purchase is free from defects and is a value for money product.

Checking the legalities associated with the product

This is a crucial point for those wondering how to buy second hand bike. Nobody wants to purchase a bike that brings legal complications in the future. Hence, it is best to run a background check before buying any second hand two-wheeler. BeepKart already performs this background check with the RTO for all the vehicles listed on the website.

Inspecting the bike’s quality

You should inspect the bike’s condition before purchasing it. Basically, this means that the bike is in an optimum condition to be ridden and is free from any physical damage. It is also advisable that you weigh its price with the quality to ensure that you get a value for money product. At BeepKart, we refurbish all our products to a condition as good as new before listing them on the website.

Take a test ride

The best way to assess a bike’s quality is to take a test ride on it. Thus, if you are thinking about how to buy second hand bike with not much quality compromise, you must take a test ride on it. This also helps you understand if you are comfortable riding the bike. At BeepKart, we allow taking a test ride before finalizing the purchase. In fact, we also have a provision of a home test ride where we will bring the bike to your doorstep for a nominal fee.

Confirm the mileage

Bikes lose their efficiency over time. This means that older vehicles also give lower mileage. You should, thus, check the mileage of a brand new version of the bike and estimate the mileage of your second hand vehicle to ensure that it offers you the best fuel economy.

Request for a service history

Going through the service history of the bike is an excellent way to ascertain its condition. This also gives an idea about the future service requirements. At BeepKart, we provide 3 free services on the vehicles that you can schedule as per your convenience at your doorstep.

Check the terms and conditions of purchase and additional benefits

Platforms listing second-hand vehicles for sale often provide additional perks that are not available when purchasing directly from an individual seller. As the customer, you must carefully read the terms, conditions and regulations of how to buy second hand bike before the purchase. For example, at BeepKart, we offer a 1-year or 10,000 kilometers warranty, a buyback offer and a ‘love it or return it’ offer that allows you to return the bike within 3 days for a 100% refund.

Confirm the time it would take to transfer the documentation

Even though you may make the payment immediately to purchase the bike, it takes some time to transfer its ownership to you. You should confirm this timeline with your seller along with the delivery date of the bike. We let our customers take the bike home right after the payment and completion of the documentation. The transfer of ownership, however, takes nearly 60 RTO working days.

How to buy a second-hand two-wheeler from BeepKart?

Customers are at the very core of BeepKart. Hence, we provide one of the easiest methods to purchase your dream bike from us. So if you are wondering how to buy a second-hand bike without any fuss, you should get it from us. Given below are the 5 steps you need to follow to bring home a superior quality second-hand vehicle:

  • Visit our website and search for the bike you are looking for.
  • Found the one you want? Reserve the bike online and take it for a test run either at our yard or at your doorstep.
  • Happy with the condition of the second-hand bike? Book it with the online payment.
  • You can take the bike home after the payment and submission of documentation. Within 60 RTO working days, the documentation would be transferred to you.
  • Test out the bike. If you face any issues or are unsatisfied with it, you can return it within 3 days for a 100% refund.