Servicing Tips for Bikes

Owning a bike comes with its own set of servicing challenges that can easily become cumbersome, if not planned properly. It is, thus, essential to maintain the bike in the right way to avoid frequent servicing needs. But even with that, bikers must never avoid the periodic servicing requirements of the bikes to prolong its life.

In fact, bikers should be in control of the service process as much as possible. They must ensure that the expert inspects all the parts properly. For this, bikers can go through our comprehensive bike service checklist to get to know all the intricacies.

At BeepKart, we take care of all these servicing needs for the second hand vehicles sold by us as a part of our 3 free services policy. We are one of the leading platforms in second hand two-wheelers who procure all our vehicles only from verified sellers and refurbish them to optimum conditions. You can browse our website to check out all the awesome deals we offer.

Bike Servicing Checklist

Here is the checklist for all your servicing needs:

  • Checking the Engine Oil: One of the rookie mistakes is not changing the engine oil at regular intervals. The engine oil is essential to the working of the engine as it acts as a lubricant. However, as the engine runs, it generates carbon and other deposits that contaminate this engine oil. Over time it thickens and becomes unusable. This will harm the engine. Hence, it is best to change the engine oil regularly.
  • Inspecting the Tyres: The air pressure of the tyres is an important point of the bike service checklist. Correct air pressure is pivotal to the long life of tyres and for maintaining the right grip. You should also inspect them for any sign of wear, tear, punctures or blowouts. This will protect you from getting stranded with a flat tyre or catastrophic tyre burst.
  • Checking the Brakes: Malfunctioning in the brakes can lead to pretty obvious catastrophes. It is, thus, extremely important to check the brakes from time to time. They should not be too tight or too loose. Wear and tear in brake pads is another common issue that must be checked during servicing.
  • Monitoring the Battery’s Health: When servicing, it is also advisable to monitor the battery’s health. A proper checkup of the battery provides it with a long life. The battery is essential to self-start the bike. It should also be changed as and when required.
  • Checking the Drive Chain: It is one of the most commonly missed bike parts when inspecting. Hence, you should immediately add it to your bike service checklist. The chain transfers the power from the engine to the wheels and requires the right amount of lubrication and tension for best results.
  • Checking the Coolants and other Fluids: This is relevant for bikes that have liquid-cooled engines and use brake fluids. Their levels must be checked during the servicing and you should immediately replace/refill them if required.
  • Taking a Test Ride: After the completion of the servicing, you should take a test ride to ensure that everything is fine. This way, if any issue persists, you can get looked at immediately. This would save you another trip to the mechanic later.
  • Maintaining service records: Vehicles require servicing at stipulated intervals. Maintaining a service record chart ensures that you don’t forget or delay giving your bike the servicing that it requires. You can also maintain a record of any parts that were changed for future reference.

BeepKart and Servicing

Servicing is more important when it comes to old vehicles to derive efficient performance from them. BeepKart, being a customer-centric second hand two-wheelers dealer, strives to take the burden off the rider’s shoulders. We offer a 1-year or 10,000 kilometers warranty on every vehicle purchase from us. There is also a policy of 3 free services offered at your doorstep and as per your convenience to ensure that you don’t have to face any issues with the bike. We take care of all your servicing requirements with our extensive bike service checklist.

Why purchase your second-hand vehicle from BeepKart?

You must’ve guessed by now that 3 free services are not the only way in which we provide our customers with a great experience. Here are the other ways in which we serve them:

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  • All our vehicles are procured from trusted sellers.
  • Background checks are performed with the RTO for every vehicle.
  • They are refurbished to an immaculate condition.
  • We provide a test ride to check out the bike before purchasing it.
  • We offer a ‘love it or return it’ scheme under which you can return the bike within 3 days and claim a 100% refund.
  • We also provide an assured buyback offer.

Customer Reviews

“Servicing the bike is a big headache. You first have to look for a good garage and then take your bike. Then, you have to wait for a long time before you get your serviced bike. With BeepKart’s 3 free services, I am quite happy as my second hand bike gets serviced directly at my house, that too with no additional costs for the first 3 times.”