Public Transport vs. Private Transport

With the world returning to its normal ways, the daily commuting needs are also increasing. Be it traveling to the office or for any personal reason, you would want the journey to be as seamless as possible. In this context, one can't deny that commuting is made significantly easier with private transport. But at the same time, it is significantly costlier than public transport. But there's a lot more to the public transport vs private transport debate. Read on to find the best way for yourself.

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Public Transport vs Private Transport

Public transport is the most common mode of the daily commute in India, despite not being very comfortable. We have analyzed and pitted it against private transport based on the below parameters.


The most striking point in the public transport vs private transport debate in favor of public transport would be the cheap cost. Because more people take the same vehicle at the same time, the cost per head gets reduced. In private transport, however, you have to bear the costs. A major investment is required at the beginning when purchasing the vehicle. Going with a second hand vehicle is the best way to bring down this cost.


As you don't own the vehicle in public transport, you don't have to take the burden of maintaining it as well. This saves you cost and effort for cleaning, repairs, fuel and other things. With a private vehicle, though, you have to bear all these costs. BeepKart customers, however, get an advantage in this context because we offer three free services at your doorstep and as per your convenience after the purchase.


Safety while traveling is a major concern nowadays. While public transport is generally considered safer because of the high volume of passengers present, it also becomes equally unsafe when you are the only passenger. Not to mention the high risk of contracting COVID in the current situation with too many people being in close proximity. Private vehicles, on the other hand, triumphs in this point. Because you will be driving it yourself, you are considerably safer.

The number of passengers

If your group consists of a huge number of people, public transport like bus or metro is better due to limited seating in private vehicles.


Public transport runs as per the demand of the general population and government regulations. They won't necessarily be available just when you need them. You would have to work around the time of the public transport. So, if you are someone who likes to travel as per your schedule without wasting too much time in transit, a private vehicle should be your go-to option. In short, in the public transport vs private transport contest, private is more convenient.

Control of route

Public transport runs on designated routes as per the demand. It might not go via your pickup spot or destination, requiring you to cover some distance on foot. Sometimes you may also need to cover half the distance in one vehicle and then change it halfway for another vehicle to reach your destination.

With a private vehicle, you are in control of the route. You can go anywhere you need without any hassle.


In terms of comfort, private transport outweighs public in several ways. You are not bound by the time or designated routes and have full control on the vehicle. This, naturally, makes the journey more comfortable. However, you do have to ride or drive yourself.

The final verdict?

The public transport vs private transport debate has continued for a long time now. As you might've inferred from the points mentioned above, both have their own benefits and challenges.

If you are someone who values comfort and time when commuting, private transport is any day a better choice for you. This is especially true for people who commute regularly for professional or other reasons. Relying on public transport can be inconvenient and full of hassle, which gets minimized to a large extent with private vehicles. We make two-wheelers available at bargain prices without compromising on the quality for customers with limited budgets or those who don't wish to spend a lot of money on the vehicle.

How to purchase from BeepKart

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