Procedure for Selling Bike Online

Are you interested in selling your old bike? Then don't let the traditional selling methods intimidate you. BeepKart is the ultimate online bike selling platform to address all your bike-related services. Selling used bikes can often be an exhausting and uncertain task, especially in India, where numerous bikes are re-sold every day with the help of mediators. It is also challenging to get a fair price for your old bike if you are selling it through a doubtful third-party dealer.

This is where BeepKart comes into action! We provide you with a safe, reliable, and transparent online bike selling platform to sell your used bike at the best price. After performing a doorstep evaluation of your old bike in the comfort of your home, we determine the best price for your bike and make 100% of the payment right away. So you do not have to rush back and forth to sell your motorcycle or negotiate to get a favourable price. BeepKart has got your back!

    How to sell my bike online for the best price?

    Our efficient and simple selling procedures guarantee that your online bike selling experience is hassle-free and satisfactory. We are quick to address client requests regarding legal practices, payment options, and evaluation techniques. So what are you waiting for? Follow the 4 simple steps below to sell your old bike online through BeepKart and get the best price:

    STEP 1. Submit bike details

    Submit the details of the bike you wish to sell by filling in the simple specifications at this link.

    STEP 2. At-home bike inspection

    Once BeepKart executives verify the bike details on call, they will schedule a free doorstep inspection of your bike at your convenience.

    STEP 3. Get the best price for your bike

    Taking into account the bike's make, model, year, and condition, our executive will instantly provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

    STEP 4. Finally, sell your bike

    If you are satisfied with the quoted price, BeepKart will make the payment in 5 minutes to your bank account and buy the bike from you right away. See, it's that easy to sell your bike on BeepKart!

      Transfer of Bike Ownership

      Transfer of bike ownership is a legal process under which all of the vehicle's rights are transferred to the new owner after collecting the necessary documents. To initiate a transfer, the following documents must be submitted:

      • Registration Certificate (RC)- RC is the proof of the bike's legal registration and ownership.
      • Pollution under Control (PUC)- Make sure that your vehicle's PuC is currently valid.
      • Insurance Certificate- The bike insurance certificate comes under the list of mandatory documents according to the updated motor vehicle rules.
      • Transfer deed- Lastly, this is the document that confirms the transfer of ownership and ensures no legal responsibility of the former owner.

      Why should I choose BeepKart to sell my bike online?

      Finding an authentic and honest platform can be tricky with so many online channels available for re-selling vehicles. BeepKart aims to make online bike selling a straightforward and effortless procedure for legitimate buyers. With our streamlined operations, we simplify the process for our valued customers.

      All you need is your bike and the necessary legal documents, and we will help you get the best price possible. Once we purchase your bike, we will refurbish it, and then pass it on to a verified buyer. We do not charge any hidden fees because we value our customers and want to ensure their long-lasting trust with BeepKart.

      So you should sell your old bike online on BeepKart! to acquire the following benefits:

      • If you sell your bike on BeepKart, you obtain the best price without putting any additional effort or time. You just have to follow the simple steps and your used two-wheeler will be ready for sale after evaluation from an expert mechanic. After consulting our experts, we determine the best and most accurate price for your bike.
      • We encourage complete transparency by making 100% of the payments on the spot. So if you want to sell your bike immediately to make room for a new one, then our 5-minute instant payment will help make it happen. Our customers- both buyers and sellers- trust us for providing them with a time-saving solution
      • One of the most exhausting parts of re-selling something, especially a bike, is the transfer of necessary paperwork. People are often insecure about handing over their two-wheeler ownership documents. But BeepKart assures a stress-free transfer of legal documents from you to the buyer. Once the papers are handed over to us, the seller is free from the responsibility of any penal actions.
      • We care for our customers. That is why all the steps involved in online bike selling are completed from the convenience of your home. After filling in the bike details on the BeepKart website, the inspection executive will come to your home to perform all the other steps.
      • BeepKart only sells bikes to verified buyers. Any dubious buyers are immediately removed from our process. Our goal is to ensure the safety of customers and their bikes.

      Customer Review

      My experience with BeepKart was the best. Getting a suitable buyer has never been easy with other sites. The way BeepKart managed the entire process was amazing, to the point and accuracy at its best.

      I have got the best deal for my bike and special thanks to Mr Vijay Kumar who was so humble and provided a good deal. I recommend and suggest all to sell their bike if you need a good deal for the bike. Thanks to Mr Vijay Kumar again.. thanks BeepKart....