Calculate Value of Used Bike

There is a very large market for used two-wheelers in India. Anyone who looks to buy a used two-wheeler always tries to get the bike evaluated to ensure there are not many technical problems. This apart, the transfer of documents is also crucial. Finding a platform that not just helps you to find a good vehicle, but also helps evaluate its value while ensuring the transaction is safe, proves to be a blessing!

BeepKart is one such platform where buying and selling old two-wheelers is an easy task. Take a look at this article to know more about how this is done and also to learn about the handy tools such as the bike resale value calculator tool available on BeepKart.

Brand and resale value

The brand of the scooter or the bike plays a crucial role in its value. A high-end, imported bike will cost more. Similarly, the make and the model number, along with the age of the vehicle, play important roles in determining the second hand bike valuation. A bike that has travelled a lot will fetch a lower value than a sparsely used bike. This is simply because the usage of the bike affects its longevity and this plays a role in its value.

The online old bike price calculator tool available on BeepKart takes these inputs from you and then instantly calculates the price you can expect when selling the bike. Check the resale value of a bike to get a fair estimate of the used bike valuation and this helps you in the sale process.

How to calculate used bike valuation?

It is very easy to check the used bike value. To do this, all you have to do is visit BeepKart and use the old bike valuation calculator. Enter the following details:

Once you enter this information into the online used bike valuation calculator available on BeepKart, you will quickly get to see the 2nd hand bike value. Ensure the values are entered carefully and correctly, as an error at this step can lead to an error in the results and you won't get to see the proper value of your bike.

  • The brand of the bike
  • The make and model number
  • The age of the bike
  • The kilometres travelled

Factors to consider while evaluating a bike

Before you buy a used bike, you need to factor in certain aspects of the vehicle and run a thorough examination. Here are some pointers for you:

Everything you need to know before evaluating a used bike valuation

People mostly opt for used bikes to get them at the price of their choice, as pre-used bikes are cheaper than newer ones. However, when buying such a vehicle, you need to run a used bike valuation process to ensure there are not many mechanical, technical or even legal issues involved with the bike.

This is why it is advantageous to get the bike from a platform such as BeepKart. The used bikes available on BeepKart are refurbished. This ensures the bike is repaired and in completely usable condition. In fact, BeepKart offers a 1-year warranty on all the bikes as well along with 3 free services. Thus, you do not have to worry about faults and flaws and can make a safe and valuable purchase, even when buying a second-hand bike or scooter. Then, the company also offers help with documentation and this proves to be an added benefit.


  1. What is Used bike valuation?

    Used bike valuation is the process of finding used bike price at present time at a given place. With BeepKart users can easily check used bike prices just by selecting make, model, year, trim and KMs driven. The Used bike valuation depends on various factors such as current condition, year of purchase etc. Valuation of Used bike cannot have a correct price tag; it will always be a fair range of price. A bike starts depreciating its value once it moves out of the showroom and with time it depreciates almost half of its original price. The owner of the bike also does not have a clear understanding of its fair valuation.
  2. How do I find the value of my Used bike?

    You can simply fill an online form on BeepKart website with a detailed category of vehicle, make, model, trim, year and KMs driven to check used bike price in just one click.
  3. How Used bike price impacts the insurance of my bike?

    Just like the way, insurance for a new and Used bike will differ, because of the condition and valuation of the bike. Similarly, the Used bike valuation will indicate real-time worth of the bike. The more the valuation, the insurance coverage will be better and vice-versa.
  4. Is buying Used bike is a good idea? Are second-hand bikes worth it?

    Yes, of course. Buying a Used bike is a great idea. It fulfils the dream of owning a bike and saves your pocket from burning. Just like new, you will get several options of second-hand bikes at BeepKart. You can surely check its condition, history, price, and loan availability beforehand and then think of buying it.
  5. How frequently Used bike price gets updated?

    Used bike prices get updated on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis. You will get real-time valuation of any Second-hand bikes as the input changes. The more you use, the KMs driven number will increase and simultaneously the condition of the bike and its valuation will decrease. So, the valuation of a single bike can show something in the morning and vary in the evening.
  6. Do I have to register on BeepKart to check my Used bike price?

    No, there is no need to register. You can simply visit, to put the details of your bike and you will get the estimated bike resale value, along with basic bike condition. You may need to put your phone number to get a more detailed report
  7. What makes BeepKart the best Used bike valuation tool?

    BeepKart is an AI driven pricing engine that uses 21st century data science, to provide Used bike price of any Used vehicle under 10 seconds and that too for free. Users can simply access this website and check Used bike valuation by entering the details required. It has already been trusted by more than 50+ million people across the globe.