Check Vehicle Service History

Before you buy a used bike or scooter, it is very important for you to understand the condition of the vehicle. A good way to ascertain the condition, as well as the value of the pre-used bike, is by checking its vehicle service history. There are many ways in which you can do this. Read on to know more.

    What is a vehicle service record?

    A service record is nothing but a log of how many times the vehicle has been serviced in the past. This is an important record as it helps in two ways:

    1. Maintenance -

      It is important for the owner of the bike to service the vehicle regularly. This helps to keep the bike and its parts well-maintained. If the bike is not serviced on time, it will not perform well. This, in turn, will affect its longevity and over time, lead to a fall in its value.
    2. Status -

      The BeepKart experts inspect the bike and upload their opinion of the condition of the bike, which is uploaded on the website. So, if you need to know the condition of the bike before purchasing it, you can check for the same online.
    3. Official service history of the bike -

      To find out the official service history of the bike, you can visit the brand service centre. Usually, they would have a record of the same for all the services done by the owner at the brand service centre.

    Tips to check the service record of the vehicle

    If you are wondering how to check vehicle service history India, here are some helpful tips for you:

    1. Check with the owner for the vehicle service history:

      The past owner of the bike may have a book of his service records. Many people write down the details of every service. It is possible that you get a bike with the entire service records noted down diligently. However, if the bike is more than 5 years old, it is difficult to get the entire service record of the same.
    2. Check with BeepKart:

      BeepKart gives you a realistic idea of the condition of the bike. The company refurbishes the bike before selling it to you. Thus, all the faulty parts that require frequent servicing are mended and the bike comes to you in a condition that’s as-good-as-new.
    3. Check Online

      BeepKart provides all details of the bike online. So, if you wish to get all details about the bike, you can check the same on the official website of BeepKart. This apart, you also get three free servicings after sales and you get a one year warranty on the bike.

    If you have been wondering how to check vehicle service history in India, you can use these steps for the same.

      Benefits of having a vehicle service record

      Here are the handiest benefits you get when you check the vehicle service history:

      1. Condition of the vehicle:

        As stated, the servicing record tells you how the vehicle is. A well-serviced and maintained vehicle will be in a top-condition and vice-versa.
      2. Helps in evaluating the correct value

        If you know the status of the vehicle, you will be able to evaluate the correct value of the used bike or scooter. This would help you get a fair deal of the same.
      3. You pay for what you get

        And finally, when you know the service history, you get the bike at a satisfactory value, knowing you got exactly what you paid for.

      How to get vehicle service records with BeepKart?

      f the vehicle service record is provided by the owner, then the same would be available at BeepKart. It is a one-stop solution for all your used vehicle purchase and sale worries. Experts at BeepKart inspect the bike and record its condition. Then the bike is serviced and refurbished to get it to a usable condition before the same is offered for sale. In fact, BeepKart offers 3 free services along with a 1-year warranty of the bike at the time of sale.

      Thus, BeepKart provides overall feedback and reports of the bike’s condition along with the papers of the bike. However, if you still wish to know the exact vehicle service history, you need to visit the brand service centre for accurate information.

        Benefits of having a vehicle service record

        Here are the handiest benefits you get when you check the vehicle service history:

        1. Can I sell Vehicle History certificate?

          No, BeepKart reserves all the rights to sell the History report. End user(s) can use a vehicle's history report for personal reference while buying or selling a vehicle. BeepKart may take a legal action against anyone found misusing the report.
        2. How is a Vehicle Report helpful?

          Vehicle History report helps in taking an informed decision before purchasing a used vehicle. It provides important information about a vehicle's background, covering up to 50 different history records that can save you from being a victim to a fraud.
        3. Why is the Vehicle History report I am looking for not available on the website?

          There is a possibility that currently the report is not available in our database. We are constantly increasing our database to provide users with a history report of every used vehicle. We request you to try after some time to see the availability of the report.
        4. How will I receive my Vehicle History report?

          Your Vehicle History report will be available on the result page. You can directly download the history report using a link provided at the end of the process. A detailed result will also be sent to your Email Id.
        5. What is the cost of History report?

          When you know the service history report, you get the bike at a satisfactory value, knowing you got exactly what you paid for.¸