Best Street Bikes in India

Want to get a bike that can smoothly speed through the rough Indian roads? You might be looking for a street bike. We have compiled a list of the best street bikes in India!

The Indian roads can be challenging to ride on, especially when you are on a bike. From durability to easy manoeuvrability, street bikes, with slick tires and light tread patterns, can be the best ones to go for. Street bikes can be both sports bikes to standard bikes for daily commute. The Indian market offers a wide range of different street bikes and each offers different features to the user. So, if you are looking for a bike that is suitable for the daily commute or want to replace your old bike, bikes like Yamaha and KTM and more can be a pocket-friendly choice, ideal to meet most of your needs.

Here is a list of the best street bikes in India under 3 lakhs and the best street bikes under 1.5 lakhs.

Best street bikes under 3 Lakhs

Low-maintenance bikes can be a great choice if you want to have multiple choices while riding a bike. For example, some street bikes can double down as touring bikes too due to their engine capacity. These bikes may not be the pocket-friendly kind, but if you have an adventurous spirit and want versatile bikes, then check out this list of the best street bikes in India.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage


390 Duke

2.87 Lakhs


25.7 kmpl


200 Duke

1.85 Lakhs


33 kmpl


250 Duke

2.28 Lakhs


30 kmpl



1.39 Lakhs


37 kmpl



2.45 Lakhs


28 kmpl

These bikes stand out as street bikes because of their sleek design and amazing feel. KTM’s poppy, fiery haze is quite iconic among any bike fans while on the other hand, the BMW’s grunt remains ever-popular.

Best street bikes under 1.5 Lakhs

For daily commuters or first-time bikers, it may not be a feasible option to opt for a premium street bike. However, as mentioned before, the Indian market is full of bikes of different varieties and you can choose cheaper bikes with amazing features. Here is a list of these bikes:



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage


Hornet 2.0

1.32 Lakhs


45 kmpl



1.09 Lakhs


45 kmpl



1.23 Lakhs


45 kmpl


Xtreme 160R

1.10 Lakhs


48 kmpl



1.45 Lakhs


45 kmpl

These are some of the popular street bikes on Indian roads. These bikes are fuel-efficient and come with ABS and alloy wheels.

Some honourable mentions are the TVS Apache 200 4V and Bajaj Pulsar NS 160, which follow a similar excellent design philosophy and safety standards.

Looking for more affordable bike models

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FAQs about BeepKart
  1. What is a street bike?

    Street bikes technically mean bikes that are legal to be ridden on the roads. But in India, most of us relate street bikes to motorcycles with decent engine size and good comfort. The bikes are primarily used on roads and offer good pillion comfort as well. Fuel economy is also quite good on such bikes.

  2. Which is the most affordable street bike?

    Most affordable street bike available in India is Revolt RV 400 which is priced at ₹98,485.

  3. Which are the popular street bikes?

    Popular street bikes available in India are PURE EV Etryst-350, Triumph Street Triple RS and Bajaj Pulsar N160

  4. Are there any upcoming street bikes?

    Benelli 402S is expected to launch soon in India at an expected price range of ₹2,50,000.

  5. What is the difference between a street bike and a tourer bike?

    Street bikes are no nonsense motorcycles with decent performance, good comfort and fuel efficiency. While city bikes are used for short distances, tourers are used for long distances.