Scooters Under 60000

Searching for the best scooter under 60000? We have compiled an exhaustive list of all the scooters you can get below 60000 to make your search easy!

Scooters are one of the best utility vehicles for daily commute. Riders prefer them because of their light-weight, economic operational costs and stellar designs. Scooter prices for new models start upwards of INR 0.55 lakhs. The actual purchase cost further increases as the RTO and insurance premium charges get added to it. But if you are looking for scooters strictly below INR 0.60 lakhs, we have got you covered! At BeepKart, you can get a second-hand version of your dream scooter under 60000.

BeepKart is one of the market leaders when it comes to second hand vehicles. We have earned our credibility due to our affordable costs, high-quality and unmatched customer service. Our portfolio is wide and comprises almost every two-wheeler.

Second hand models can be bought for considerably lower prices than their brand new counterparts due to their age. At the same time, these scooters also flaunt little to no compromise in quality making it a win-win deal for you. On BeepKart, you can choose from a variety of second-hand scooters that have been procured from verified sellers and refurbished to a good-as-new condition.

The following tables list the features and prices of the cond hand models available at BeepKart. We have also compared these prices with the current ex-showroom prices to give you a better perspective. However, these prices are subject to change with the condition, age of the vehicle and a few other parameters.

Best Honda Scooters Under 60000 in India

Honda is one of the most in-demand two-wheeler manufacturers in India. The company has introduced the top-selling scooter, the Activa, to the Indian market. It is also considered the best scooter under 60000 in the second hand category. Honda scooters are known to have high reliability as well as durability. They also shine in terms of fuel economy.

The features and prices of some of the best Honda scooters below 60000 are mentioned below.

Brand Model Year of Manufacture BeepKart Price Approximate Ex-Showroom Price of Latest Model Engine Displacement Average Mileage
Honda Activa 4G 2017 INR 0.46 lakhs INR 0.71 lakhs 109.2cc 50 km/liter
Honda Activa 3G 2016 INR 0.46 lakhs INR 0.71 lakhs 109.2cc 45 km/liter
Honda Activa 5G 2019 INR 0.60 lakhs INR 0.71 lakhs 109.19cc 50 km/liter
Honda Activa 4G 2018 INR 0.58 lakhs INR 0.71 lakhs 109.2cc 50 km/liter
Honda Dio 2019 INR 0.60 lakhs INR 0.66 lakhs 109.51cc 48 km/liter

With Honda’s vast network of service centers across India, you can be assured of excellent after-sales support!

Best TVS Scooters Under 60000

TVS is an Indian company that is known for its affordable vehicles. In the category of scooters, the company offers a wide variety of two-wheelers that make for fantastic commuter vehicles.

Given below are the features and prices of the best TVS scooters you should definitely check out to get your scooty under 60000 on road price.

Brand Model Year of Manufacture BeepKart Price Approximate Current Ex-Showroom Price For Latest Model Engine Displacement Average Mileage
TVS Jupiter 2017 INR 0.47 lakhs INR 0.65 lakhs 109.7cc 50 km/liter
TVS Wego 2013 INR 0.35 lakhs discontinued 110cc 48 km/liter
TVS Wego 2019 INR 0.60 lakhs INR 0.60 lakhs 109.7cc 50 km/liter

Best Suzuki Scooters Under 60000

The Japanese multinational vehicles manufacturer, Suzuki, is known to offer scooters with high-quality parts that last long. You can get some amazing prices for Suzuki vehicles in the second hand market.

The following table lists the features and prices of the best Suzuki scooters under 60000.

Brand Model Year of Manufacture BeepKart Price Approximate Current Ex-Showroom Price For Latest Model Engine Displacement Average Mileage
Suzuki Access 125 2016 INR 0.40 lakhs INR 0.73 lakhs 124cc 50 km/liter
Suzuki Lets 2015 INR 0.36 lakhs discontinued 112cc 45 km/liter
TVS Wego 2019 INR 0.60 lakhs INR 0.60 lakhs 109.7cc 50 km/liter

Best Hero Scooty Under 60000 on road price

Since its split from the Japanese giant Honda, Hero has been striving to offer stellar two-wheelers to the Indian community. In this quest, we have got some of the best high-performance scooters. Hero scooters are known to have fantastic mileage and thus, serve as perfect commuter vehicles.

The price and features of the Hero vehicles available at BeepKart are given here.

Brand Model Year of Manufacture BeepKart Price Approximate Current Ex-Showroom Price For Latest Model Engine Displacement Average Mileage
Hero Duet 2020 INR 0.53 lakhs discontinued 110.9 47 km/liter
Hero Duet 2018 INR 0.40 lakhs discontinued 110.9cc 47 km/liter

How to get a scooter under 60000 on road price from BeepKart?

BeepKart is one of the market leaders in the second hand two-wheelers segment carrying a fleet of almost all types of two-wheelers.

BeepKart is one of the market leaders in the second hand two-wheelers segment carrying a fleet of almost all types of two-wheelers.

At BeepKart, we source all our vehicles from only verified sellers. This enables us to assure you of the vehicle’s high quality. We also perform a background check with the RTO after the procurement. Following this, we refurbish the scooters and bikes to a condition that resembles their brand new counterparts. Detailed reports are also prepared for these checks and uploaded on the website for everyone to read.

To book one of our finest quality scooters, you have to first visit our website. Then, you can search for the desired scooter with advanced filters based on price, make, model, ownership and age of the vehicle among other factors. After finding the model you wish to buy, you can test it out in our yard. On being satisfied with the scooter, you can book it with online payment.

Once you become a part of BeepKart’s customer network, we give you access to some of the exclusive perks like a 1-year or 10,000 kilometers warranty, 3 free services, an assured buyback offer and a 3 days ‘love it or return it’ offer.

Explore BeepKart today and grab the best second-hand scooters under 60000!


  1. Which one to buy: second hand or brand new model?

    We recommend comparing your budget with the price of the scooter you wish to buy. If you are on a limited budget, it would be best to buy a second hand model from a trusted platform like BeepKart. When going second hand, it is also possible to get a more premium model within your budget. You will also be able to save on the insurance premium charges due to the scooter’s age.

  2. What documents are required for the purchase?

    You must keep the following documents with yourself when purchasing a second-hand bike:

    • RC(Registration Certificate) book
    • Two wheeler insurance policy
    • PUC certificate
  3. What if I encounter any defects with my purchase?

    You are unlikely to encounter any defects because we inspect the scooters thoroughly at the very outset. If you still come across any defect, you can return the bike within 3 days for a 100% refund as per our ‘love it or return it’ offer. There are also offers like 3 free services and a 1-year or 10,000 kilometers warranty.

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Want to find great deals to buy or sell second-hand bikes? For buyers, this is a superb opportunity to avoid the risk in dealing with local unverified sellers.Instead, they can buy high-quality bikes refurbished to as good as new, with 3 free at-home services. What’s more? You have assured buyback and even an option to return the bike in 3 days - if you don’t absolutely love it!

BeepKart, with its digital-first approach, is here to transform the process of buying a second-hand two wheeler. You can now afford your dream two-wheeler and buy it easily from the comfort of your home.

Buying & Selling Used Bikes Through BeepKart

BeepKart removes the stress in buying or selling a used two-wheeler. Its online process makes the experience easy and enjoyable.

For Buying Used Bikes:

Buy a value-for-money used bike with the confidence and joy of buying a new bike.

  • First, visit and find your ideal bike from the curated collection of finest value-for-money refurbished bikes.
  • Take a test drive of your chosen two-wheeler at our yard. Home test-drive option is also available.
  • The final step is to pay for your bike when you’re 100% satisfied.
  • Document transfer will be taken care of by us.
  • Enjoy the ride back home on your very own two-wheeler.

For Selling Bikes:

From the comfort of your home sell your bike at a good price and for instant payment. Never worry about legal hassles that are common when selling in the unorganized market.

  • First, submit the details of your bike at the link here -
  • A BeepKart executive will call you. If our best price offer is acceptable to you then our executive will visit you for a quick vehicle inspection at your home.
  • If the vehicle and documents are satisfactory, we will transfer 100% of the money into your bank account within 5 minutes and take delivery of your used vehicle.

Why Buy Used Bikes From BeepKart?

A better experience than even buying a new two-wheeler

  • The bikes are procured from verified sellers and refurbished by experts to make them as good as new.
  • The two-wheelers are certified and an RTO background check is done.
  • Unlimited test rides are provided for your satisfaction.
  • 3 free at-home services in a year for your comfort and confidence.
  • 3-day return policy in case you didn’t love your bike.
  • Assured buyback option.

Why Sell Your Used Bikes On BeepKart?

Selling bikes on BeepKart is an easy and stress-free process.

  • From the comfort of your home you can easily sell your bike to BeepKart at a good price, get 100% payment in 5 minutes and be assured of document transfer.
  • Avoid the stressful effort in visiting multiple unorganized dealers or trying to find and negotiate with a friend who wants to buy a bike.
  • You will not get a good price in exchange schemes at authorized dealers. They want to sell you a new two-wheeler but are not interested in buying your used two-wheeler.
  • Selling to unorganized dealers can result in legal hassles, including police station visits at a later date. They will not issue you proper documentation and may not even transfer the legal ownership to the new unverified user of your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

By sellers

1. Does BeepKart buy bikes that are registered outside Karnataka?

No, we currently do not accept two-wheelers which are not registered in Karnataka. However, this option will be available in the future.

2. Is it possible to sell a bike through BeepKart if there is an unpaid loan on the vehicle?

No, we do not purchase bikes on which there is any pending loan

If there was a loan earlier and has now been fully paid, we would require a valid No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank before buying the bike from you.

By buyers

1. What is the time duration for document transfer once the bike is booked?

After you buy the bike from us, it takes approximately 60 RTO working days to get the Registration Certificate (RC) transferred to the new owner’s name. BeepKart manages the transfer of RC so that you can relax.

2. Once the payment is made, what is the estimated delivery time for the bike to be delivered?

The bike is delivered immediately after the full payment for the bike is made.