Best Scooters Under 2 Lakhs

Looking for high-performance scooters that offer a lavish riding experience? Here you go! We’ve compiled a list of the best bikes in this segment.

If the idea of a swanky ride excites you, there are a horde of Indian brands you can choose from. With a budget of 2 Lakhs, these iconic petrol and electric scooters are well within reach. These scooters are equipped with modern, wireless features and fuel-injected engines. Navigating through city lanes using these scooters is fuel-efficient and comfortable for the rider.

Here is a breakdown of the best scooters under 2 lakhs in India, including a variety of electric scooters.

Best Petrol Scooters Under 2 Lakhs

If you’re looking for plush scooters with the perfect handling dynamics, you're at the right place. These potent machines come packed with refined engines and offer quick acceleration.

From the classic Italian Vespa to the peppy, sporty NTorq, here are the features of the best petrol scooters under 2 Lakhs.

Brand Model Approximate Ex-Showroom Price Engine Displacement Average Mileage Kerb Weight Fuel Capacity
TVS Ntorq 125 INR 0.80 lakhs 125cc 49 kmpl 118 Kg 5.8 L
Suzuki Burgman Street 125 INR 0.86 lakhs 124cc 57 kmpl 110 Kg 5.5 L
Yamaha Aerox 155 INR 1.30 lakhs 155cc 49 kmpl 126 Kg 5.5 L
Vespa Elegante 150 (Special Edition) INR 1.40 lakhs 150cc 57 kmpl 114 Kg 7.4 L
Vespa VXL 150 INR 1.28 - 1.41 lakhs 150cc 45 kmpl 114 Kg 7.4 L
Vespa SXL 150 INR 1.33 - 38 lakhs 150cc 45 kmpl 114 Kg 6.5 L

Packaged with a stylish body design, these scooters sport alloy wheels, ABS, and fuel injected engines. With a high fuel tank capacity, these lightweight scooters offer comfort and are available in a variety of colours.

Some honourable mentions for scooters under 2 lakhs include the Aprilia SXR 160, and Aprilia SXR 125.

Best Electric Scooters Under 2 Lakhs

Brand Model Approximate Ex-Showroom Price Engine Power Battery Charging Time Kerb Weight
TVS iQube INR 1.00 lakhs 3300 w 5 Hrs 118 Kg
Ola S1 INR 0.97 lakhs 5500 w 5 Hrs 121 Kg
Ather 450X INR 1.39 - 1.58 lakhs 3300 w 5.15 Hrs 108 Kgs
Bajaj Chetak INR 1.38 lakhs 3800 w 5 Hrs 100 Kgs

The electric motors support a range of 70 - 80 kmph. Other features like LED lighting, regenerative braking and reverse assist mode make everyday riding a smooth experience.

Some honourable mentions include the Simple Energy One and Honda Grazia.

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FAQs about BeepKarts

  1. Which are the best/popular scooters Under 2 lakh in India?

    TVS iQube Electric (INR.1.67 - 1.77 Lakh), Ola S1 (INR 85,099 - 1.20 Lakh), Ather 450X (INR 1.24 - 1.44 Lakh), Yamaha Aerox 155 (INR 1.59 Lakh), Suzuki Burgman Street (INR 99,990 - 1.06 Lakh), Bajaj Chetak (INR 1.48 Lakh), Simple One (INR 1.10 - 1.45 Lakh) , Suzuki Avenis (INR 99,699 - 1.02 Lakh) are some of the popular scooters in India under 2 lakh.

  2. Which are the least expensive scooters Under 2 lakh in India?

    Among the cheapest scooters under 2 lakh in India, you can get the Ola S1 at INR 85,099, BGauss D15 at INR 99,999, and Aprilia SR 125 at INR 1.06 Lakh.

  3. Where can I find the best scooters Under 2 lakh in India?

    At BeepKart, you can find the best scooters under 2 lakh in India. We have created an online platform for the convenience of our customers.

  4. Which is the most popular scooter in India?

    Honda Activa is the most popular scooter in Bangalore and all over India as well.

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