Best Honda Bikes in India

If buying a Honda bike is on your mind, then you have come to the right place! We have compiled a guide of the top-performing, budget-friendly Honda bikes in India to help you find your dream ride.

Honda's bikes are some of the top-selling bikes in India because their impressive features are accompanied by attractive prices. These motorcycles are powered with highly refined and reliable engines that offer a stellar performance. From commuter bikes like Shine to high-end sports bikes like CB200X, Honda's vast bike portfolio has something for all riders. Click here to read about Honda Dio.

Below is a list of the best Honda bikes in India along with their features and pricing.

Best Honda bikes in India in the 110cc segment

Honda has 5 reliable models that offer between 110cc to 125cc engine displacement. All bikes under this segment are quite affordable and well under 1 lakh. Honda's line-up consists of practical commuter bikes with high mileage and excellent handling.

Here is a list of the best low priced Honda bikes in India with pricing and features:


Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

Fuel Capacity

CD 110 Dream
INR 0.66 lakhs
65 kmpl
9.1 L
INR 0.72 lakhs
76 kmpl
9 L
INR 0.76 lakhs
64 kmpl
10.5 L
SP 125
INR 0.79 lakhs
42.2 kmpl
11 L

Best low priced Honda bikes in the 160cc segment

If you want to power-up your commuter experience, then check out these sporty Honda bikes. With engine displacement going up to 184cc, Honda's sports bikes offer better style, comfort and a full digital console.

Here are the features and prices of the best Honda bikes in India under 1.5 Lakhs:


Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

Fuel Capacity

INR 1.12 lakhs
57 kmpl
12 L
Hornet 2.0
INR 1.33 lakhs
57 kmpl
12 L
CB 200X
INR 1.46 lakhs
57 kmpl
12 L
Unicorn 160
INR 1 lakh
62 kmpl
12 L

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FAQs about BeepKart

  1. Which are the best Honda Bikes?

    There are numerous Bikes from Honda, including the Honda CBR650R, Honda CD 110 Dream, Honda XBlade, and Honda Livo and Honda Hornet 2.0.
  2. Which are the most popular Honda Bikes available in India?

    In India, Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin, Honda Gold Wing, Honda CB500X, Honda CB200X, Honda CB300R, Honda CB650R, and Honda CBR1000RR-R are the most popular Bikes from Honda.
  3. Are there any electric Bikes offered by Honda in India?

    As of now, Honda doesn't offer any electric Bikes in India.
  4. Which is the highest-priced Bikes in Honda?

    The highest-priced Honda Bikes model is the Honda Gold Wing that costs Rs 39.16 lakhs.
  5. Which is the most mileage-efficient Bikes in Honda?

    Honda CB500X offers the best mileage bike of any Honda model, with 60 km/l.