Best Bikes for College Students in India

Being one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers globally, India has become a hotbed for motorcycle enthusiasts. Many people are passionate about riding a motorbike, especially college students. Whether it is a cruiser bike or a sports bike, zapping through the streets on their bikes offers a sense of freedom that these youngsters crave. If you are looking for the best bikes for teenagers in India, then you have come to the right place.

Finding a bike to own within your budget can be tiresome, and we do not wish to discourage you from buying your dream bike. That is why we have assembled the details for the best bikes for teenagers in India, that offer top-notch performance at pocket-friendly prices. Young riders are well-served, with choices ranging from the KTM Duke in the 125 cc segment, and the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200in the 200 cc segment.

Choosing your ideal bike while remaining within a budget might be difficult, especially with so many options available.On platforms like BeepKart though, you can get some of India's best bikes for teenagers at economical prices.

What are the best commuter bikes for teenagers in India?

Do you wish to drive routinely on the city roads, or do you like to ride pleasantly without worrying too much about the speed? Then do not worry, because our selection of the best commuter bikes for teenagers in India has you covered in both these segments.

From the powerful-engined KTM 125 Duke to the comfortable Royal Enfield Bullet 350, we have compiled a list of the best commuter bikes for teenagers in India. Below are the pricing and features:



Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

Other Features (Kerb weight & Fuel capacity)

Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Beepkart Price


125 Duke

124.71 cc

48.05 kmpl

  • 159 kg
  • 13.5 litres
  • INR 1.70 lakhs

    INR 1.30 lakhs


    Apache RTR 160 4v

    159.7 cc

    50 kmpl

  • 145 kg
  • 12 litres
  • INR 1.12 lakhs

    INR 0.79 lakhs

    Royal Enfield

    Bullet 350

    346 cc

    40.8 kmpl

  • 191 kg
  • 13.5 litres
  • INR 1.51 lakhs

    INR 1.70 lakhs


    Hornet 2.0

    184.4 cc

    57.35 kmpl

  • 142 kg
  • 12 litres
  • INR 1.33 lakhs

    INR 1.35 lakhs



    155 cc

    64 kmpl

  • 141 kg
  • 12 litres
  • INR 1.24 lakhs

    INR 0.82 lakhs

    What are the best sports bikes for teenagers in India?

    The adrenaline rush of riding a sports bike is incomparable and a memorable experience for young riders. The list of the bikes below provides excellent performance and a sharp design.

    The list below explorers the pricing and features of the best sports bike for teenagers in India:



    Engine Displacement

    Average Mileage

    Other Features (Kerb weight & Fuel capacity)

    Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

    Beepkart Price


    Pulsar NS200

    199.5 cc

    40.84 kmpl

  • 156 kg
  • 12 litres
  • INR 1.36 lakhs

    INR 1.05 lakhs



    155 cc

    40 kmpl

  • 142 kg
  • 11 litres
  • INR 1.75 lakhs

    INR 0.94 lakhs


    RC 125

    124.7 cc

    48.05 kmpl

  • 159 kg
  • 13.7 litres
  • INR 1.81 lakhs

    INR 1.50 lakhs


    Xtreme 200S

    199.6 cc

    55 kmpl

  • 154 kg
  • 12.8 litres
  • INR 1.25 lakhs

    INR 0.80 lakhs

    How to get the best bike for teenagers in India?

    Getting a bike as a teenager is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. Yet it can turn out to be distressful if you don’t have a flexible budget. The upscale ex-showroom prices can make you doubt your decision to finally buy that dream bike. And this is where BeepKart comes into action by providing you top-notch refurbished second hand prices at affordable prices. We also have a bunch of superior and substantial services and offers, which you can leverage as our customer.

    BeepKart’s team of professionals works diligently to find and refurbish second-hand two-wheelers from legitimate sources just for you. Our team of experts runs the used two-wheeler through an RTO background check before listing them on our official website. Similarly, each bike or scooter is thoroughly inspected before being listed on the site along with photographs. Our thorough procedure ensures customer satisfaction.

    BeepKart tries to eliminate the lengthy steps that you have to complete before finally getting your hands on your dream bike. Our procedure allows you to buy the best bike for teenagers in India through smooth and secure transactions. Visit our website to select a budget-friendly bike that suits your needs from the variety of second-hand models that are currently available. You can do this by narrowing down your choices using the parameters. Once you’ve decided on a bike, visit our BeepKart yard to test it out. You can book the bike if you are pleased with the performance and comfort of the bike by making an online payment.

    The fantastic offers and services that we provide our customers include the 3 days ‘love it or return it’ policy, a one-year/thousand-kilometres guarantee, assured buyback options, and three free services at your doorstep. With such a satisfactory bunch of services, BeepKart allows you to finalise the bike of your dreams.

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    1. Should I buy a used bike or a new bike?

      Purchasing a used or new bike is a personal choice depending on your preferences and budget. We recommend buying a used two-wheeler from a trustworthy site like BeepKart if you're on a strict budget and still want the best two-wheeler.
    2. What are all the documents I should check and verify before buying a second-hand bike?

      When buying a second-hand bike of your dreams, you should look for the following three documents:
      • RC(Registration Certificate) book
      • Two-wheeler insurance policy
      • PUC certificate
    3. What to do if the second-hand scooter that I acquired from BeepKart has some defect?

      BeepKart promises the best in terms of quality and service, including a three-day money-back guarantee on all returns. Aside from that, we provide three complementary services each year at the buyer's discretion. We also include a one-year/10,000-kilometre warranty as part of our commitment to provide you with the most reliable bike-buying experience possible.
    4. How are the costs of second-hand scooters or bikes determined on BeepKart?

      A report is generated after a comprehensive assessment of a used two-wheeler. The cost of a used scooter or bike is determined by the scooter's condition, age, and amount of kilometres ridden. Along with this study, the BeepKart website provides photographs of the restored bike or scooter.