Best Beginner Friendly Bikes

Looking for the best bike for beginners in India? Here is a list of all the excellent choices for beginner riders to check out.

Riding a bike is about finding your balance and gliding through the roads. The thrill of slicing through the air as you ride is a feeling beyond words. Getting started, however, requires mastering the fundamentals, and plenty of practice. But this process of learning to ride a bike can be made sufficiently easier with the right kind of bike. For example, the Hero Splendor Plus is considered the best bike for beginners in India due to the ease of riding it.

The key is to choose a bike that has a manageable kerb weight and is comfortable to ride. A heavy bike with too many complicated features can make the task really difficult. In India, though, you can find a whole range of bikes from some of the renowned brands that are designed to be comfortable even for novice riders.

Given below is a list of features and prices of some high seat height bikes in India that you must consider.

Best Commuter Bikes for Beginners in India

Commuter bikes are low-powered, highly efficient and low-cost bikes designed for everyday commute in the city. These bikes are rather easy to ride due to their low kerb weight and comfortable riding postures.

The following table is a summary of the features and prices of the best beginner-friendly commuter bikes in India you should definitely check out.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage


CT 110

INR 0.60 lakhs


70 kmpl


Star City Plus

INR 0.70 lakhs


70 kmpl


Splendor Plus

INR 0.64 lakhs


62 kmpl



INR 0.66 lakhs


62 kmpl


Passion Pro

INR 0.71 lakhs


60 kmpl


CD 110 Dream

INR 0.66 lakhs


64.5 kmpl

By only having essential features, these entry-level commuter bikes prevent new riders from getting overwhelmed by too many features. With low ex-showroom prices, procuring these bikes is not a major investment. When on a tight budget, a commuter bike is the best bike for beginners in India to get started with.

Honourable mentions must be made of Bajaj Platina 110, Honda Livo and TVS Sport

Best Sports Bikes for Beginners in India

Sports bikes are meant for riders who love the thrill of speed. Boasting engines with larger displacements along with modern features like disc brakes, ABS, digital instrument clusters and aggressive looks, sports bikes in India are a perfect combination of performance with style. While the higher-end sports bikes may become overwhelming for novice riders, there are some entry-level ones that are beginner-friendly.

Given below is a list of features and prices of the best beginner bikes in India from the sports category.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage


Pulsar NS200

INR 1.36 lakhs


35 kmpl


Gixxer SF

INR 1.31 lakhs


45 kmpl



INR 1.05 lakhs


45 kmpl


Apache RTR 160 4V

INR 1.13 lakhs


45 kmpl


125 Duke

INR 1.70 lakhs


40 kmpl


Xtreme 160R

INR 1.11 lakhs


48 kmpl


Dominar 250

INR 1.59 lakhs


32.5 kmpl

The sports bikes mentioned above are some of the best beginner bikes in India. They have an ergonomic design with manageable kerb weights, ideal for beginners. At the same time, they pack a punch which can be leveraged by novice riders during the learning process. Initially, riders can start with low speeds and eventually move towards mastering higher speeds and torques.

Honourable mentions include the Hero XPulse 200-T and Xtreme 200S.

Best Cruiser Bikes for Beginners in India

Even though cruisers are harder to manoeuvre than sports and commuter bikes, their low-slung saddle design and comfortable riding posture provides beginners with a smooth learning experience. Designed with wide handlebars, lower seats and comfortable footrests, cruisers provide a relaxed riding posture. Such a design makes it comfortable even for riders with a short height. Cruisers come with varying engine displacements, giving the riders a good number of options to choose from.

Given below are the features of the best cruisers in India for rookie riders.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage


Intruder 150

INR 1.30 lakhs


42.5 kmpl


Avenger Cruise 220

INR 1.33 lakhs


38 kmpl

BaRoyal Enfieldjaj

Bullet 350

INR 1.39 lakhs


37 kmpl


Avenger Street 160

INR 1.09 lakhs


45 kmpl

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is considered the best bike for beginners in India in the cruiser category. Cruisers also have a low centre of gravity, making it easier to control the bike. Easy access to the braking system and accelerator is a real benefit for beginners. Once mastered, these bikes can be used for long-distance travel.

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