Best Adventure Bikes in India

Searching for the best adventure bike in India? Your search ends right here. We have compiled a list of all the popular adventure bikes in India for you to find your dream two-wheeler.

An adventure bike is a rough-and-tough two-wheeler that can run without hiccups even beyond smooth roads. Generally, they come equipped with larger engine displacement and multi-cylinder engines to tackle off-road situations with ease without compromising on your riding comfort. This added power also comes in handy when driving on-road. Adventure bikes are also durable to withstand harsh driving conditions. In India, you can choose your dream adventure bike from among multiple options and price ranges.

Provided below is the extensive list of top adventure bikes in India with their features and prices.

Best Adventure Bikes In The 150cc-200cc Category

Even though this segment of adventure bikes is at the entry-level and mostly aimed at beginners or budget customers, the bikes should not be taken for granted. Coming from giants like Hero and Honda, the bikes sport enormous power for on and off-road travel without burning a large hole in the pocket. For example, the cheapest adventure bike in India, Hero XPulse 200T, costs just INR 1.39 lakhs excluding the RTO and insurance charges.

Given below are the features and prices of adventure bikes below 200cc.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

XPulse 200T
INR 1.39 lakhs
40 km/liter
XPulse 200
INR 1.42 lakhs
40 km/liter
INR 1.67 lakhs
40 km/liter

Best Adventure Bikes In The 200cc-400cc Category

Having a 200cc to 500cc engine displacement can make a significant difference in an off-road ride where bikes need power. This is more suitable for skilled off-road riders. But if you plan to go on regular adventure rides and budget is not a constraint for you, it is best to invest in this category itself. In addition to more power, you will also remain future-proof to all your upcoming adventure endeavours. The features and prices of the best bikes in this category are as provided below.



Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Engine Displacement

Average Mileage

Royal Enfield
INR 2.11 lakhs
30 km/liter
250 Adventure
INR 2.30 lakhs
32 km/liter
TRK 251
INR 2.51 lakhs
24 km/liter
G 310 GS
INR 3.00 lakhs
29 km/liter
390 Adventure
INR 3.28 lakhs
28 km/liter

How to get a great adventure bike at an even more affordable price

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FAQs about BeepKarts

  1. What is an adventure bike?

    The adventure bike is designed to tackle the worst roads in the country as well as to be ridden off-road. With their huge ground clearance, long travel suspension and rugged styling, adventure bikes are highly capable and can be ridden over bad and broken roads for hours.
  2. Which is the most affordable adventure bike?

    The most affordable adventure bike available in India is Hero XPulse 200 which is priced at ₹1,20,000.
  3. Which are the popular adventure bikes?

    Popular adventure bikes available in India are Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield Scram 411, and Hero Xpulse 200 4V.
  4. Are there any upcoming adventure bikes?

    Yamaha Tenere 700 is expected to launch soon in India at an expected price range of ₹8,00,000.
  5. Are adventure bikes good for daily commuting?

    Some adventure bikes are good for daily commuting. But adventure bikes tend to weigh quite a bit. So it gets a bit difficult for such bikes to be used for daily commuting.
  6. What is the difference between an adventure bike and a tourer bike?

    The purpose of adventure bikes is to go off-road, so they usually have huge ground clearance, long-travel suspension and spoke wheels. In the case of tourers, these bikes are used on-road most of the time. So it gets regular suspension, a not-so-tall ground clearance and alloy wheels.