Information on Vespa Scooters

A Vespa on the street is bound to attract everyone’s attention. Such is the styling, body design and vibrant colour variants of this renowned scooter of the Piaggio Group. Part of a global Italian firm, this group has excelled in manufacturing some of the finest scooters since the 1940s.

Did you know that the best Vespa scooter was originally just an affordable and comfortable two-wheeler made for daily commutes? It is only later, with the ever-growing success of the company, that Vespa became a lifestyle brand that started offering a wide range of variants. It is the perfect combination of retro styling with modern technology and characteristics. This retro-modern blend is unique to Vespa scooters and appeals to all types of people, especially the youngsters.

The Indian scooter market is expanding rapidly as manufacturers are working hard to offer comfort, style, suspension, smooth engine along with other features at more affordable prices. The introduction of Vespa scooters has definitely changed and encouraged the two-wheeler market in India.

Let us take a look at the different features and variants of some of the best Vespa scooters available in India.

The Elegant Appearance Of Vespa Scooters

The look of a scooter is one of its most prominent features, and Vespa scooters are here to stay on top with their retro-modern body design. The unibody of the Vespa scooters is formed from pressed steel and consists of a cowling structure, a flat floorboard and essential front fairing. These aspects ensure a dirt and grease protected engine, significant foot enclosure along with wind shielding.

It is available in a wide range of colours, and when we say wide, we mean that each variant offers at least 4 different colour options. Black, blue, yellow, red, white or grey – you name a colour of your desire and Vespa has a scooter for you. Additionally, these colours are available in different textures like matte and shiny.

One look at the Vespa scooter and any person is bound to fall in love with its styling which is classy yet chic. No doubt this elegant scooter was known as the ‘Indian style icon’ shortly after its launch in India.

A Smooth Ride With Vespa Scooters

Vespa in India has been a pioneer in our scooter markets because it is more than just a scooter with style. Apart from the elegant appearance, the best Vespa scooter has also perpetually offered an excellent performance and smooth riding experience.

The Vespa scooters have a single cylinder 4-stroke, air cooled engine. All the variants fall between the 120-150cc range and provide an approximate mileage of 45 kmpl. With the given mileage and engine displacement, the best Vespa scooter does not lag behind any bike in the 124cc segment. After briskly picking up pace, the Vespa scooter exhaust makes its exemplary husky sound.

The kerb weight of just 114kg also significantly adds to the performance and ease of handling the scooter. The kerb weight along with the monocoque chassis and short turning radius makes it a fun ride in the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Features & Upgrades of Vespa Scooters

Due to the modern features, the best Vespa scooters are the top choice of many scooter lovers across India. Vespa scooters have become more convenient to ride and feature-rich with every successive generation. It is evident that the company has continuously explored and employed modern technologies.

A closed box in the front and the wide under-seat compartment gives plenty of storage space for riders. Along with this, Vespa also provides an analogous speedometer combined with a small LCD dash. The scooters either come with halogen headlamps or full-LED lights. The new versions of the Vespa scooters also have a USB charger for easy connectivity on the go.

Most Vespa scooters have a combination of disc and drum brakes in addition to single channel ABS and monoshock suspension at the rear. These advanced technologies have worked perfectly with the old school styling to give Vespa a unique overall advantage and preference amongst other scooters.

Best Vespa Scooter Models Available in India

Since its launch in India, Vespa has launched 9 distinct models that come in diverse colour schemes. Each model has its own unique features and price range. The price of the scooter starts from around INR 93,000 and goes up to INR 1,60,000. Amongst all the models available, the Vespa SXL 150, Vespa VXL 150 and Vespa Elegante are available in different variants while the others are available only in one variant.

Let us take a look at the best Vespa scooter models and their features:


60 kmpl

Engine Displacement

Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

Vespa Notte
60 kmpl
INR 1.11 lakhs
Vespa Urban Club
45 kmpl
INR 1.11 lakhs
Vespa LX 125
53 kmpl
INR 1.15 lakhs
Vespa ZX 125
47.75 kmpl
INR 1.20 lakhs
Vespa VXL 125
55 kmpl
INR 1.32 lakhs
Vespa SXL 125
47.75 kmpl
INR 1.36 lakhs
Vespa VXL 150
47 kmpl
INR 1.46 lakhs
Vespa SXL 150
45 kmpl
INR 1.50 lakhs
Vespa Elegante 150
42 kmpl
INR 1.60 lakhs

How to get the best Vespa scooter in India at even more affordable prices?

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FAQs about BeepKarts

  1. How much does a Vespa Scooter cost?

    It costs between Rs. 1.15 Lakh to Rs. 1.55 Lakh on the road for the Vespa Scooters.
  2. Is Vespa a good Scooter?

    Vespa scooters are known for their premium quality finishes, attractive styling, great build quality, and powerful engines.
  3. Which model of Vespa Scooters is best?

    Based on user reviews, Vespa LX 125 is a winner if you are serious about mileage, comfort, maintenance, price, and features.
  4. What is the average mileage of Vespa Scooters?

    Vespa SXL 125 gives mileage of about 47.75 kmpl.
  5. How can I get the best mileage from Vespa Scooters?

    Drive Vespa scooter at steady speed, maintain correct tyre pressure, adjust drive chain tension correctly, get your engine tuned and motorcycle serviced regularly by a hero MotoCorp authorised workshop.
  6. What is the monthly fuel cost of Vespa Scooters?

    Based on current inputs, the monthly fuel cost for Vespa Scooters [2018 - 2022] with mileage of 500 km/month is ₹1275.