Information and Specification of KTM RC 200

Everyone loves a sports bike that offers the perfect package of style and performance. It's hard to miss the KTM rider swerving through the city streets, even for onlookers and other riders. If the first bike to pop up in your mind is the KTM RC 200, then you are absolutely right!

If you are a bike lover then you must know that KTM kept its RC 200 model unchanged for almost 7 whole years. However, this sports bike was drastically revamped in 2021, and the bike enthusiasts couldn't be happier. The design of KTM RC 200 has been changed prominently, with the machine becoming bigger, smoother, and lighter. Along with the design, the newly introduced variant KTM RC 200 bike's best colours are quite appealing

The Indian motorcycle market has been on a persistent rise over the last few decades, especially with the introduction of sports bikes. These bikes expand the scope of a rider to experience and learn track racing. The launch of the upgraded version of the KTM RC 200 has only acted as a massive complement to the sports bikes segment.

Know more about the features, specifications, performance and colour variants of the KTM RC 200. We are sure you will fall in love with it, if you haven't already!

    The Revamped Design of the KTM RC 200

    In a bold move to revamp the sharp design of the KTM RC 200, its manufacturers have made the sports bike more elegant than before. With the improved quality of plastic panels, fine paint finishing, increased sturdiness of bolts and nuts, the KTM RC 200 now offers the look of a mature sports bike.

    Besides the design, the KTM RC 200's best colour options will grab your attention in a second. The Indian sport bike riders have two superior colour combinations to choose from- the Dark Galvano and the Silver Metallic. The dark Galvano is a blend of vibrant orange and shiny black body. While the silver metallic is a blend of silver and vibrant orange. In both these variants, the alloy wheels are also painted orange, giving the KTM RC 200 an ultra-modern look.

    Once you ride the KTM RC 200 you would realise how the design and body structure of this bike has been built keeping in mind the comfort of the rider at a high speed. The ultimate top speed of the bike is achieved by its aerodynamic bodywork, which is created by using Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) simulation. And the comfort is provided by its rider-centric layout which comprises higher handlebars, better seat grip, lightweight foot pegs, folding foot levers and thicker seat foam. These features, when combined with the performance of the bike, will provide ultimate riding experience on the track as well as the street.

      The Improved Performance of the KTM RC 200

      The improved performance of the KTM RC 200 increases its desirability two-fold. It is powered by a single cylinder, 199.5cc BS6, 4-valved, liquid cooled engine. It provides a mileage of 38 kmpl. To make the sports bike more reactive, by allowing better airflow, the KTM RC 200 comes attached with a large airbox. Moreover, the structure of the radiator is curved to allow heat dissipation.

      The weight of any bike significantly influences its performance. For that reason the creators of the KTM RC 200 have kept its framework ultra-lightweight. The lightweight trellis frame along with the bolt on subframe provides immense stability at high speeds. This ensures that its rider has a fulfilling sporty adventure. With its front WP Apex big piston fork and rear WP Apex shock absorber, the suspension provided is unmatchable.

      Furthermore, all KTM RC 200 best colour options come with a built in 4-piston-fixed calliper BYBRE. The calliper combined with disc front and rear brakes offers a fine deceleration and saves around 900 grams of weight. The dual channel ABS SuperMoto technology also works in favour of providing a safe riding experience without compromising on the speed.

      These factors have made the KTM RC 200 engine boost the torque numbers significantly which, in turn, lets the bike reach the speed of 45 km in the sixth gear without any outbursts. At 6,000 rpm, this bike offers a decent acceleration. Go beyond that, and you would thoroughly enjoy the immediate pull, compelling you to rev the KTM RC 200 to its maximum RPM.

      Variants and Upgraded Features of the KTM RC 200

      KTM RC 200 comes in only one variant- the KTM RC 200 standard. We have listed below some of the most advanced technological features and the approximate ex-showroom price of the ultimate KTM RC 200 standard.


      Approximate Ex-Showroom Price

      Engine Displacement

      Average Mileage


      KTM RC 200 Standard
      INR 2.4 lakhs
      37 kmpl
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        FAQs about BeepKart

        1. How much does a KTM RC200 cost?

          It costs between ₹2.04 lakhs - ₹2.16 lakhs on the road for the KTM RC200.
        2. Is KTM a good RC200 bike?

          Amazing bike with a beautiful look and very lightweight powerful in the 200cc segment and superb suspension handling is better than another bike in this category, and the service is also reliable. KTM is best in everything like suspension, engine, looks, power, weight, handling, this bike.
        3. Which model of KTM RC200 is best?

          Based on user reviews, KTM 200 Duke is a winner if you are serious about mileage, comfort, maintenance, price and features.
        4. What is the average mileage of KTM RC200s?

          KTM RC200 gives a mileage of about 38 kmpl.
        5. How can I get the best mileage from KTM RC200 bikes?

          Drive KTM RC200 at steady speed, maintain correct tyre pressure, adjust drive chain tension correctly, get your engine tuned and motorcycle serviced regularly.
        6. What is the monthly fuel cost of KTM RC200 bikes?

          Based on current inputs, the monthly fuel cost for KTM RC200 [2018 - 2022] with mileage of 31 is ₹1,645.