Buying a used bike or scooter is an important decision. It requires trust and convenience during purchase and also during your ownership of the vehicle. Buying second-hand two-wheelers from unreliable channels can cause you a lot of headache to deal with. There are a variety of hassles - not finding the model you like, being fooled on the price, getting a poor quality vehicle that causes many problems later, no return policy, no loan, post purchase servicing issues, not getting proper legal ownership transfer for the vehicle you paid for dearly, and no buyback assurance.

At BeepKart, we aim to give our buyers a purchase and ownership experience even better than in case of new two-wheelers. We are building a digital-first brand to deliver an experience that is high on trust and simplified on process.

Our young brand has already served hundreds of happy riders. Here are five reasons why our customers trust us to buy used bikes and scooters at affordable prices.

  1. - We refurbish used two-wheelers to as-good-as-new condition

    All bikes and scooters listed on BeepKart are hand-picked by our experts and undergo thorough technical inspection. These used two-wheelers are then refurbished to meet the quality standards our customers expect. We strive to deliver great value-for-money vehicles for our customers to ride worry-free.

  2. To ensure maximum transparency, we provide detailed inspection and refurbishment reports for all our two-wheelers. Our customers know exactly what they are buying and there is no information gap between them and us.

  3. - We offer three free services at your doorstep

    Buying a used vehicle from an unreliable channel marks the end of that relationship. Whereas, BeepKart’s relationship with its customers starts from the time they buy their chosen vehicle from us. We take pride in providing excellent after-sales service, including three free services right at your doorstep!

  4. Servicing is conducted by trained professionals. So, you can just sit back and relax while your vehicle is pampered with servicing you’d expect after buying a brand new bike or scooter!

  5. - We offer a love-it-or-return-it policy

    At BeepKart, buyers are free to change their mind. If within 3 days (or 100 kms, whichever is sooner) you are not in love with your value-for-money purchase, simply return the bike or scooter to us for a full refund.

  6. - We offer a 1-Year or 10,000 kilometer warranty

    At BeepKart, we are sure of the quality of the bikes and scooters we sell to our customers. To protect our customers against unforeseen situations, we offer a 1-year or 10,000 kilometer warranty on all our two-wheelers.

  7. - We offer an assured buyback option

    At BeepKart, we offer our customers assured buyback at a fixed price. BeepKart customers can have full confidence in the price of their purchase and alo have the opportunity to change their two-wheeler every year!

If you’re on the hunt for a used two-wheeler at a fair price, look no further than BeepKart!


  1. Are all your vehicles BeepKart certified?

    Yes, all our bikes and scooters are BeepKart certified. This means that BeepKart vouches for them. All vehicles have undergone thorough technical inspection and an RTO background check.

  2. What do I do if I am unhappy with the two-wheeler I’ve purchased from BeepKart?
  3. Unhappy with your purchase? Put all your worries to the wind, for BeepKart offers a three day or hundred kilometer return policy. Simply return the bike to us and get a full refund. BeepKart offers 3 free at-home services to customers over a period of one year post purchase. In addition, BeepKart’s warranty policy is there to protect you.

  4. Does BeepKart offer any warranty on their bikes and scooters?
  5. Yes. We offer a 1-year or 10,000 kilometer warranty on the two-wheeler you’ve purchased.

  6. How does BeepKart procure bikes and scooters?
  7. BeepKart procures two-wheelers directly from verified owners and sources. We do not buy vehicles from any unreliable traditional dealers who may have tinkered with the bikes or documents.

  8. What is assured buyback?
  9. An assured buyback means that BeepKart provides an assurance of purchasing your current two-wheeler from you at a predetermined price. With assured buyback, you can be certain of your BeepKart bike’s resale value. This also gives you an easy option of changing over your bike every year, if you desire!

  10. How can I know about the condition of a two-wheeler if I’m purchasing it online from BeepKart?
  11. Compared with cars, two-wheelers are relatively easy to understand online. A combination of objective inspection reports and actual visuals can help you arrive at a well-informed decision. At BeepKart, you will find transparent verifiable details for each of our listed second-hand bikes and scooters. The inspection report includes details of the condition of the vehicle’s exterior, electricals, engine, handling, suspension and wheels. You can view multiple actual and clear photographs of the listed two-wheelers. You can also schedule a live video call to see the vehicle and interact with a BeepKart executive in real time.

  12. What is the process of purchasing a used two-wheeler on BeepKart?
  13. Visit our website and select from our collection of high-quality used bikes and scooters. It is difficult to find similar used two-wheelers immediately, so we would recommend you to immediately reserve your chosen vehicle by paying a small 100% refundable amount online. After a test ride (at the BeepKart yard or at your home), if you change your mind, you will get 100% of your reservation amount back within a few hours. If you want to continue with the purchase then make the balance payment online and take instant delivery of your two-wheeler, along with BeepKart’s vehicle assurance. It’s that simple!

  14. Why should I sell my bike or scooter to BeepKart?
  15. Sell your two-wheeler to BeepKart to avoid the enormous haggle and hassle involved in selling to unreliable dealers or through unverified online listings. BeepKart will offer you a fair price for your vehicle, vehicle inspection will be done within a day, you will receive 100% payment in 5 minutes, and the ownership transfer will be handled by BeepKart subject to your documents being complete. An added bonus is that you never have to leave your home to complete the entire sale to BeepKart!